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A virtual roundtable for CIOs

Running your workloads on cloud with scale, flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM IST, Thursday, 25th February, 2021

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Engage with and learn from your peers and cloud consultants in this focused discussion on how you can accelerate your cloud journey with Google Cloud. The roundtable will help you visualize the possibilities and benefits of running your VM workloads on cloud.


Clients on Google Cloud say

“Google Cloud Platform allows us to deliver value to our customers on a daily basis without having to worry…whether the services are running out there in the middle of the night. The combination of Kubernetes, Cloud build, and strong access control is a massive game-changer for us.”

Kaushik Shah, CTO, IDfy

“The platform [Google Cloud Platform] itself is very robust and scalable. And it is completely secure for us.” 

Palani Subbiah, CTO, Wellness Forever

“We should be getting at least a million customers…that’s like too much load. That’s where Google Cloud [and Maps] is helping us in the scalability issue. Finally, we [have] got a product that is not confusing and not very complex…has a user-friendly interface with proper back-end support.“ 

Satya Sameera Makireddy, CFO, MyCotra

True agile business transformation starts on an infrastructure built for growth and scale. Google Cloud offers flexibility, performance, security, and cost-effectiveness to support your growth imperative. This roundtable will explore the ‘how’ of digital transformation on Google Cloud.


  • Google Cloud overview to explore the digital possibilities
  • A scalable, flexible, secure, cost-effective ecosystem for workloads 
  • Business use cases catered to by Google Cloud 
  • Conceptualized Q&A – Deep-dive with MediaAgility and Google Cloud consultants
  • Next Steps and recommendations to accelerate your digital transformation


Industry experts from Google Cloud & MediaAgility who are passionate to share how digital business ecosystems drive innovation and efficiency


Payal Sharma, MediaAgility

Payal is an enterprise cloud consultant who partners with businesses in their digital transformation journeys. Payal believes in mobilizing innovation and helping businesses remain focused on their core business goals by leveraging the latest technology.


Gaurav Rawat, Google India

Gaurav has been working on hyper scale clouds for the last 8 years. He is working with Google Cloud as Partner Customer Engineer. He is very passionate about working with businesses on their transformation journeys and helping them innovate new solutions and ideas to accelerate business growth and customer satisfaction.


Pranay Nanda, MediaAgility

Pranay Nanda is experienced in taking businesses to success in their cloud journeys. Together with his team, he solves some of the most difficult challenges organizations face in their digital agenda through initiatives like infrastructure and application modernization. 

About MediaAgility

MediaAgility is an Inc. 5000 honoree, premier global digital consultancy and a Google Cloud Managed Services Provider headquartered in Princeton, NJ. We have 6 Google Partner Specializations in Infrastructure Services, Application Development, Data Analytics, Location-based Services, Marketing Analytics, and Machine Intelligence. Our experts with 350+ Cloud certifications and 26 Google Cloud Partner Expertise are committed to delivering exceptional services, building a people-first company, and being global, diverse, and inclusive.

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