Photography, Calligraphy, Dance, Music, Sports, Crocheting and more – Agilites have varied passions and interests

We strongly believe what an Agilite does in their personal space influences their productivity, thoughts, and creativity at work. And that’s why we are proud of their passion beyond work.

Agilites Beyond Work – A Showreel

Sunny Bharti

Sunny likes ‘Traveling & Photograph. He feels that we ‘should capture the beauty of everything twice – once in the eyes, and next on a photo or a canvas’.

Isha Das

Isha is an Odissi dancer with 21 years of learning experience and 15 years of stage experience. She is a graded artiste at Doordarshan Kendra.

Neha Bhandari

Neha likes gardening. She feels gardening can provide everyone with a canvas to truly express their creativity and think through complex problems.

Fahim Jamadar

Fahim loves football. Playing since 7th standard, he has played for school, college, university, division levels, and was a member of ‘Giantz Club FC’ till 2015.

Lakshay Gupta

Since school days, Lakshay was a big time sports lover, playing various sports like Cricket,Tennis as well as Table Tennis. He has played Table Tennis at the state level and represented his school on quite a few occasions. Also, he has a passion for Lawn Tennis.

Yashika Garg

Yashika does ‘Crocheting’. She knits beautiful wool-stuffed soft toys which are eco-friendly. Also, she is into teaching underprivileged children and is a big-time swimming enthusiast.

Yamini Pandey

Yamini likes ‘Painting & Drawing’. She creates wall decors at home and makes desk decors for work. She believes everything can be beautified by a slight human touch in the form of art, drawing, and craft.

Daksha Maurya

Daksha likes ‘cooking’. He started helping his mother with cooking to compensate for the time spent away from home. Now, cooking has become an enjoyable habit.

Harini JBL

Harini likes ‘Reading, Writing, Public Speaking’. She believes after each book, each writing piece, and each stage appearance, there is an intangible improvement and happiness in her. She has posted a few of her poems at –

Parakh Jain

Parakh likes ‘Traveling & Photography’. He believes in the quote “Life is like a burning candle – do nothing and let it burn or enjoy to the fullest while it is burning.” Check his clicks at –

Sabyasachi Goswami

Sabysachi plays guitar. He feels there is only one truly universal language in the world and it is music. For him, music is a way to express and relax.

Yash Saini

Yash likes ‘Traveling & Photography’. He is a ‘Phone Photographer’. While traveling and also during routine days, he looks out for interesting and unique colors and angles.

Avani Mehta

Avani loves to convert empty glass bottle to a beautiful home decor item. She is also a food lover and tries to make various new recipes. Love to explore new places with her family.

Bhagesh Apte

Bhagesh loves playing Snooker in his free time. Calmly achieving goals, considering all the aspects around is what interests his about this sport. He has been playing snooker since the last 10 years. Snooker helps me improve his concentration and its his stress buster.

Yash Patil

Yash is a Rapper and Dancer. He developed an interest in dance as he grew up watching Govinda, Hrithik, and Prabhu Deva. He likes lyrical and popping dance styles. He also writes his own rap songs.  Youtube channel:

Luis Héctor Espejel

Luis has always liked soccer since he was a child, however, he was never very skillful with his legs. One day, just by luck, he put on the gloves, and ever since, he has not let them go. He has been a goalie for over 15 years, selected to represent his high school at the national level and still playing to this day.

Dennis Sunny

Dennis loves to pen down his thoughts in form of short stories and tales. He has been participating in story writing competitions since school and, now, he is also a published writer of a collection of short stories in his local language malyalam. He is also an avid cricketer and has been actively playing at school, college and now at corporate level.

Janki Ranpariya

Janki has done Visharad in Indian classical dance Bharatnatyam and performed Arrangetram. She has been performing classical and semi classical dance for 12 years. She is also passionate about adventurous trekking and has been to Chadar trek (Leh) in -35* extreme weather.

Naman Mittal

Namas has been passionate about singing mostly Bollywood. He used to be a part of a band in his college days and actively sing in cultural activities.

Swapnil Dassi

A good snapshot keeps a moment that’s gone from running away. And Swapnil believes that photography with some thrill is more exciting!

Chinmaya Biswal

With rapid urbanization, we are loosing big parts of our forests. This has driven Chinmaya towards hiking. Recently, he crossed Copper Canyon, famous all over the world for its difficult terrain. However, the indigenous people named Raramuri call it home.

Krishnapriya Agarwal

Krishnapriya (aka KP) developed a key interest in painting floors and walls after she got relentless scolding and beating from her mother for doodling excessively on the walls and floors of her newly constructed house. Ever since, she has grown to paint her musings (rock bands and superheroes) on the walls of her room and those of a few cafes in NCR.

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