Be part of an impactful work culture, become an Agilite



Building and sustaining High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM

Who is an Agilite?


A global smart creative who has the ability to add the dimension of impact and meaningfulness to the mundane of doing “work” – for themselves and for our clients.

Agilites are, well...agile

We breathe by the rhythm of rapid outcomes modeled on excellence in technology.

Agilites are #lifelonglearners

We believe in breaking the stereotypes of age, place, and time as we learn. Learning is in our DNA, learning is our day-to-day. 

Agilites are risk takers

We identify with the risk of innovation and its failures but we thrive in the opportunities and growth that the results promise. 

We operate with a growth mindset

Our capabilities are not capped or set in stone and we flourish because we allow our minds to grow – in every sphere and paradigm.

Perks and Benefits

No free meals or “perks” designed to keep you at work

Dental, Vision & Health Benefits

Paid Time Off

Flexible Working Hours

#LifelongLearning & BYOD

Caregiver, Compassionate, Sick Leaves

Annual Retreats

#LifelongLearning at AgileUniversity

“Our idea is to encourage everyone to become lifelong learners and always have at least one active course that they are taking at all times.”
Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO and Co-Founder, MediaAgility

AgileUniversity is a peer-led initiative to drive our culture of #LifelongLearning. It aims to create a conducive environment and conditions for learning that help Agilites’ advance their careers. The growth-oriented activities range from a reading community to learning marathons where Agilites take tech and non-tech certifications.

We are looking for disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and who take disciplined action.

Our unbiased, global, yet inclusive talent acquisition experience will set you on the course of self-celebration as our interviewers strive to bring out the best in you – through you.

Agilites Beyond Office

See how Agilites like to spend their time beyond office

Sunny likes ‘Traveling & Photography and Painting & Drawing’. He feels that we ‘should capture the beauty of everything twice

Isha is an Odissi dancer with 21 years of learning experience and 15 years of stage experience.

Dhruv is a drummer! A drummer since 9th standard, he has drummed on various occasions.