Cloud-native application solution helped the client to release their APIs

A leading bank and financial services provider gains a competitive edge with cloud-native application development and migration to Apigee

Our client is one of India’s most prominent banks and financial service providers. With an increase in customers, the company faced challenges meeting their needs. They wanted to modernize their on-prem application with the help of cloud support so that managing the application could be easier.

The client needed a cloud-based application to offer a superior customer experience

In their existing solution, the client suffered from the following problems:

  • Slower application deployment, as integration process restricted how often releases can occur
  • Loss of market share due to delay in releasing and promoting the application 

With the help of a solution that could solve the above problems, the financial service provider wanted to focus more on their business instead of managing the application.

Considering MediaAgility capabilities in cloud-native mobile application development, a rich pool of 300+ certified professionals with deep expertise on GCP services, and excellent UI/ UX experience, Google recommended us as their consulting partner.

Google recommended MediaAgility to develop a cloud-native application for ease of use

After Google recommended MediaAgility as a partner to design the right solution, we suggested developing a cloud-native application that provides ease of use and easy navigation with a configurable framework.

The features of the solution included:

  • Faster time of release to meet changing customer needs
  • A superior customer experience with higher availability 
  • Ease of management with Dev-Ops automation, simplified deployment, and testing 
  • Reduction in costs through containerization and cloud standards

Our team of experts designed the cloud-native application for iOS and Android using the Kubernetes engine with storage and cloud SQL database.

MediaAgility also suggested investing in API platforms to gain a competitive advantage and release their innovation to the market faster while complying with regulatory demands.

Finally, Apigee as an API management platform was suggested wherein our Apigee experts and certified professionals joined the initiative to provide API strategy advisory, migration to Apigee, 24×7 API monitoring, change response and management, and deployment management and insights. 

Apigee and the cloud-native application solution helped the client to release their APIs to market faster

When the client engaged with us for API strategy advisory, migration to Apigee, and 24×7 API monitoring, they were able to quickly take their APIs to market and monetize it. Managing the large pool of the bank’s APIs became easier and offered cost cuts.

In the end, the client was quite satisfied with the solution we delivered. They were able to free themselves from managing and supporting the underlying infrastructure. This helped them concentrate on the features and functionalities of the solution to meet customer demands.

While the initial relationship was based on single application development, it rose to the development of four applications. MediaAgility was then able to showcase our deep expertise in the banking domain with the help of Google solutions such as Apigee.

“Our client needed a partner with expertise and experience in the area of app-modernization and cloud-native application development. MediaAgility, being a niche player in this space, was a perfect match for this role. Our consultants and solution architects built a simplified, scalable and efficient solution and implemented it in a very short time period. Our client is extremely delighted with the improved time to market, cost savings, and a great customer experience.” said Chinmoy Bhagawat, the Head of Enterprise Cloud Engineering Services.

As the client’s business grows, MediaAgility’s solution will help them with rapid scaling and quickly responding to their customers’ needs. This will increase the footfalls of customers on the application.

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