A leading bank and financial services provider reduces deployment time with MediaAgility’s exceptional Managed Services offerings

Published on: July 14, 2022

Our client is one of India’s most prominent banks and financial service providers. To expand their business more effectively, they needed a recognized Managed Services Provider to manage their on-prem infrastructure using secured sessions.

Infrastructure management to increase efficiency and save time

Due to various processes involved in ensuring optimum client satisfaction, the banking major needed some help with maintaining its infrastructure securely and efficiently. For this purpose, they considered MediaAgility’s proven capabilities in providing high-quality services in terms of cost efficiency, scalability, and reachability.

MediaAgility’s MSP team was appointed to manage around 25 servers in a 24×7 support model. Our experts have been creating and deploying proxies on customer environments based on the requests received and providing technical solutions while coordinating with various other third-party vendor teams.

As the company uses Apigee Edge to manage its applications, all the servers are under Google Cloud. To manage these servers, our MSP team along with Google support resolves the issues associated with the Apigee servers. 

To maintain and manage the bank’s infrastructure, MediaAgility’s MSP team utilized some of the best Google Cloud Platform tools:

  • Apigee Edge Monitoring Dashboards: Apigee Edge Cloud provides real-time contextual insights into API performance, helps quickly diagnose issues, and facilitates remedial actions for business continuity
  • Apigee Edge Trace: Trace is a tool for troubleshooting and monitoring API proxies running on Apigee Edge. Trace allows for probing the details of each step through an API proxy flow
  • Cloud Logging: This was used for storing and fetching logs
  • Investigate: The Investigate dashboard enables viewing pivot tables of metrics and attributes for all API traffic and compare relational activity between metrics to investigate and diagnose issues faster
  • Custom Reports: This was used to drill-down into specific API metrics and view the exact data that needs to be seen

Enablement of continuous optimization and modernization

After MediaAgility’s extensive MSP support, the banking major saw a steep decrease in the deployment time from 1.5 hours to 15minutes. This was made possible due to the automation our MSP team implemented using Ansible as a configuration management tool. The bank also experienced a reduction in workload, enabling employees to focus on core business objectives.

As a result of this shift in focus, the company experienced increased cost-efficiency and were able to further optimize and modernize their business functions.

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