Eshopbox delivers exceptional customer experiences across eCommerce channels by moving to Google Cloud with MediaAgility

Published on: Jul 10, 2019

Eshopbox provides technology and fulfillment infrastructure to brands and retailers so that they deliver exceptional customer experiences across various online eCommerce channels. 

As they scaled and their operations expanded, they started building their own infrastructure and dedicated server technology. But their talent and time were increasingly getting spent on infrastructure maintenance instead of their core jobs.

“Eshopbox had to constantly maintain their on-prem infrastructure and also incurred costs even when they didn’t use the infrastructure. Google Cloud Platform was the most natural choice for Eshopbox’s needs”, 

Kamal Puri, Partner, MediaAgility.

Hence began the partnership to free Eshopbox from performing infrastructure maintenance. MediaAgility recommended transforming the IT infrastructure of the company by moving to a public cloud. We suggested Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the best public cloud since it was the most natural choice for Eshopbox’s needs. MediaAgility’s public cloud IT transformation services and migration to GCP helped Eshopbox by:

  • abstracting from the underlying platform, 
  • billing them only for what they use, and 
  • scaling their technology as they further scale their operations nationwide

“Something which instilled confidence about MediaAgility is the way they closely work with Google and know about Google Cloud Platform. With the strong Google Cloud Infrastructure and MediaAgility partnership, we have grown as much in just 3 months as we would have in 2 years.” 

Mayur Karwa, Co-Founder, Eshopbox

Watch the complete video story of how MediaAgility helped Eshopbox transform their IT infrastructure by moving to the public cloud here.