Leading Home Appliances Manufacturer Trusts MediaAgility to Automate Material Tracking System

A US headquartered multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances, customer strongly believes in innovation being a critical element to bringing ideas to life and designing and producing products that caters to the needs of consumers throughout the world.

Customer focuses on delivering purposeful innovations through their diverse catalogue of home appliances that simplifies the lives of consumers. Also, the company is playing a vital role in producing high performing, lower impact technologies to help consumers reduce their own environmental footprint.

Poor accessibility curbed the potential of a hassle free material tracking system

With over four manufacturing centers in India, material tracking system was becoming more of a hassle than a provision as the material moved in or moved out frequently from various manufacturing centers.

Customer wanted a solution that could simplify and automate the workflow to facilitate a smooth gate pass generation and submission process. Also, the system needed to simplify the process of getting the required approvals from concerned departments, finance, and security at various steps of the process.

Customer recognized several challenges that were hampering their objective to achieve hassle free material transit from one location to another, which translates to more efficient inventory management at lower costs.

Poor accessibility: The application served the purpose to generate and submit gate pass for material transit. The system earlier used by the customer was not mobile and could only be accessed within the internal office network.

Costly infrastructure and data maintenance: Customer faced significant IT costs for maintaining and updating data related to material in stock. Also, there was an expense and hassle of managing data in multiple locations.

The legacy system lacked a simplified user experience, and easy accessibility outside office network and on mobile. The organization wanted a cost-effective solution that simplified the process of gate pass generation and submission for material transit, including material slotting, automated check-in and check-out, and processing gate pass requests.

MediaAgility and Google Cloud Platform helps deliver a more efficient, comprehensive material tracking system at lower costs

Based on previous successful engagements in different areas of operations, customer trusted MediaAgility as their technology partner to re-engineer and re-platform their legacy material tracking system. MediaAgility’s deep expertise in application strategy, design, technology, and implementation coupled with its knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helped customer achieve a simplified material tracking system that is dedicated to improving processes and eliminating operational hassle. MediaAgility, along with the customer’s technical team, chose GCP because it offered a highly accessible platform to deliver the app in a short development time.

Simplified processes: The solution has clearly outlined and automated the workflow of generating and submitting a gate pass, establishing approval matrix, and notifying application users via email about material transit. The solution has hence improved material handling efficiency and warehouse space utilization. The application holistically captures all the relevant information including material condition / weight / volume, carrier, driver, document reference, and much more.

High availability and accessibility: With application operational on Google app engine, the secure single sign-on feature helps users to quickly  access the information anytime, anywhere through web and mobile.

Transparent approval matrix: Implementation of Approval Matrix in the solution determines the chain / hierarchy of approvers depending on requester’s department.

Easy to use: The solution delivers a rich user experience to users in customer organization by giving them the freedom to generate and submit a gate pass for approval within a minute.

Efficient reporting: The solution facilitates a visually appealing reporting capability by highlighting gate pass requests from  users, gate pass purpose, gate pass generation details by date and department, and much more.

The solution has already fuelled easy collaboration over generating and submitting gate pass, while simplifying approval matrix to expedite the processes from step one till the last. The solution enables customer focus on efficiently utilizing warehouse space and material handling and has helped them easily maintain infrastructure at optimal costs.