Magna Confectioners Cuts Costs by 33% By Moving To Google Apps for Work From Lotus


Starting off the business journey as an ice cream seller, Magna Confectioners today stands as a major brand of manufacturers of moulded hollow and filled confectionary. Headquartered in Telford, Magna Confectioners are UK based entrepreneurs. The leading sellers of cocoa, sugar and chocolate products also have a manufacturing base in Shropshire.

The company comprises of a core office staff of 40 members, whilst about 100 workers work in the factory. Majority staff in the company are office based while there are few who travel and work ‘on the move’. Managing tasks remotely is a necessity that ensures the workforce to stay in touch with the business effectively without compromising on productivity.

The entire IT Operation from support to strategy, budget, purchasing and project management is managed and supervised by the core IT departmen


Magna Confectioners earlier relied on Lotus Domino/Notes which proved to be a clunky system and the company saw administrative issues with the legacy system. Also, it was time intensive to maintain the system as well as a drain on system resources. It was unable to provide access to remote users other than via laptop VPN which was not flexible enough for the workforce. All permanent employees within the organisation had access to this system. But, the biggest challenge faced by the firm was the issue of flexibility to access mails and documents remotely, something to be done cost effectively and keeping the security in mind.


As most of the employee base were already familiar with the set up of Google Apps via personal accounts, it was a natural decision to switch to Google Apps for Work. Moving the user base to a new system was never a problem and henceforth the staff was trained internally. Looking at the future of the email infrastructure, Google Apps was recommended by one of the firm’s suppliers as part of an exercise. MediaAgility, an authorised Google Apps for Work partner helped in evaluating the Mobility, Security, and Ease of access to information and other aspects of the suite that proved to be the deciding factor along with the cost saving benefits shown by MediaAgility as opposed to the investments on Lotus Notes support.

“Google Apps has provided our business with increased flexibility and reduced costs, I can think of few other changes we have made in the business that have been as transformative as this and have been as well received by people from executives down to regular staff.” , says Nick Davey, IT Manager at Magna Confectioners.

Nick cites Google Mail as one of the major causes for Magna to switch from the previous application. Although users were already familiar with the working of Google Calendar prior to the switch, staff is also getting used to cloud based office suite of Google Drive as a means of collaboration and working remotely.


“MediaAgility is a premier Google Apps For Work partner in UK and played a significant role in helping us to deploy Google Apps for our business.”, adds Davey. The company was looking to optimize Hangouts and Google Drive for their business operations and MediaAgility assisted the company in identifying the benefits of switching to this Cloud based suite by Google. The deployment team at MediaAgility smoothly transitioned them to the new Google For Work suite.

Google Apps now plays a very crucial role in helping employees collaborate with peers, colleagues, partners, vendors and clients. Since mobile access is critical to any business, it helps the firm to reach out to their consumer base. This contributed immensely and is the prime driver in improving the ongoing processes.  The company has seen cost savings of nearly 33% after making the switch to Google Apps.

About Google Apps

Google Apps is an enterprise-ready suite of applications that includes Gmail, Google Calendar (shared calendaring), Google Drive (online document and spreadsheet hosting), Google Sites (team site creation and publishing), and Google Hangouts.