Maxim Crane leverages Looker to create actionable data sets with MediaAgility

Published on: June 2, 2021

Maxim Crane Works is the foremost leader in heavy-lift solutions in North America.  Maxim offers a full suite of services, including operated and bare rental options, engineering and logistics solutions, as well as rigging and project management. 

The company wanted to derive insights from their revenue and expenses data within their  ERP systems and identify business growth opportunities. However, the access to the ERP data was restricted for users, which in turn limited their ability to perform analytics. 

To overcome these business challenges, they decided to implement Looker, a scalable, centralized data and BI platform to integrate their data seamlessly to generate meaningful analytics. MediaAgility, their digital consulting partner, set up a cloud foundation for Maxims’ BI platform on Google Cloud. MediaAgility designed a Looker-based cloud analytics platform by integrating their business data. 

“The solution we came to was partnering with MediaAgility to build an analytical platform in the cloud. The solutions we received were several – access, accountability, accuracy, business process improvement.”

Jonathan Vinson, Chief Information Officer, Maxim Crane Works

Watch the full story  – on-demand – with Jonathan Vinson and Asheesh Sharma, Partner – Digital Business Solutions, MediaAgility.

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