MediaAgility Enables Major Foundation Management Company To Deliver Dynamic Reporting and Analytics Platform to Customers Worldwide

Headquartered in US, company is one of the major providers of comprehensive support services for private foundations. They offer an integrated suite of administrative services, philanthropic advisory services, and web-based foundation management tools to private foundations worldwide. These services automate and simplify operational processes that are required to establish and run a foundation.   

The organization aims to provide unparalleled knowledge and expertise in terms of valuable information to their customers.

Need of the hour: Data integration with robust reporting capabilities

The company is focused on diverse needs ranging from basic support to compound customized solutions for foundations. The services such as back office support, compliance monitoring, transaction processing, and financial and regulatory reporting help their customers expand their knowledge and skills required to set up or run a private foundation. Customer’s platform brings Foundations and Charities together and help allocating grants to the specific requests from these Charities.

Scalability: Reports related to financial activity, funding, interests and dividends etc. help foundations to have clear understanding of business data. As reporting needs of foundations  surged, customer realized that they needed a better strategy and sound technology.

Report delivery through legacy system took considerable amount of time and money to generate reports. It required constant manual monitoring and data assembly steps, hence was time consuming and was more prone to errors. With increasing number of clients, the legacy system ceased to scale, hence hindered the process of timely reports delivery to their customers.  

Data stored in multiple applications: The data was stored and processed in multiple applications. This was time consuming and needed to manually build and distribute reports.

Inadequate reporting: The company aimed to deliver instant, elaborate and responsive reports to give quick and smart data insights. The legacy system delivered reports that were not visually modern and processing time of such reports would vary from a few minutes to hours. With reporting process tied to the main application the report development cycle was long, any new report development would take few months to release.

Highly scalable and robust data integration and delivery platform enables smart reporting capabilities

The organization chose to partner with MediaAgility to deliver timely reports to their customers, bring data from various sources to one platform, and enable business users to make sense of the data for better decision making. After evaluating several options, customer chose MediaAgility because of the in-depth knowledge of BI (Business Intelligence) frameworks.

MediaAgility delivered a comprehensive data integration platform that addressed customer’s various business intelligence and reporting needs. The solution framework has been helping them meet their short-term and long-term BI goals.

High scalability: The platform is scalable and would not require any major investment to bring in additional clients. The reports are now available instantly. The solution helps the organization save 600 person hours per month. They can now focus on bringing more clients to their platform with more confidence as they are now supported by excellent reporting platform.

Better data management: The data from various sources is integrated, reconciled, validated, and published in a Kimball based (dimensional model) data-mart in timely manner. The solution integrated data from different sources to the one central data-warehouse and published to  a data-mart for  client reporting. The customers get instant access to their reports.

Smart Reporting: The solution processed data to generate multiple reports and  smart insights on different areas of operations. MediaAgility  team re-designed the report layouts in a user friendly interface and added appropriate charts and graphs, which now helps user to quickly make sense of the data. The reporting application delivers reports online and helps clients to self-serve their various canned reports, hence saving time and manual effort involved in generating and distributing reports. The analytic tools help internal users to instantly create powerful  insights for better decision making.  

Solution Highlights

  • Defined comprehensive business intelligence (BI) roadmap.
  • Architected, developed and deployed to production in 120 days.
  • Highly scalable and robust data integration and delivery platform.
  • Highly secure integration between existing online and reporting applications.
  • Provides access to several financial and non financial reports Instantly to thousand of clients.
  • Enhanced internal data analytic capabilities.

Customer appreciated the agile development methodology and MediaAgility’s commitment to deliver the solution in record 120 days. MediaAgility developed a new data integration platform where data is pulled from various sources, integrated into a central data warehouse, and ultimately presented through elegant reports. The solution has not only enhanced their customers’ experience but has also helped their support team to assist the clients more efficiently.