MediaAgility helps IDfy find unrivaled reliability and control on Google Cloud Platform

Watch IDfy share their GCP experience in this video. Shot by Google Cloud Team.

IDfy offers fraud detection and risk-free onboarding solutions to help global majors transact seamlessly with individuals. The platform as a service they previously worked on limited the flexibility and control they had over their systems. They wanted to migrate to an infrastructure that would free them from the frequent and time-taking infrastructure changes and would give them the control to interact and modify their systems as required.

MediaAgility, with its team of certified cloud engineers, helped them execute this big infrastructure migration decision. Now on Google Cloud Platform, they do what they used to do before – process a million accounts daily, add new features, detect frauds, and onboard businesses – with the added ease and flexibility to choose their own battles and make changes quickly and frequently with automated CI pipeline. The benefits of BigQuery and Google Kubernetes Engine was critical in deciding to switch to the Google Cloud Platform.

“It [Google Cloud Platform] allows us to deliver value to our customers on a daily basis without having to worry…whether the services are running out there in the middle of the night. The combination of Kubernetes, Cloud build, and strong access control is a massive gamechanger for us”, Kaushik Shah, CTO, IDfy.

Watch the story here.