MediaAgility helps Reliance Mutual Funds build India’s first voice algorithm for the financial services industry on Google Cloud Platform

When Reliance Mutual Funds saw that only 3-4% of Indians have invested in mutual funds, they identified the need to make investment easier. They decided to introduce voice to investment, the first in India’s financial services industry and worked with MediaAgility to build the voice algorithm on Google Cloud Platform.

Reliance’s voice-based investment application built with the Google voice APIs has seen more than 10,000 interactions.

“Today, we see more consumers coming and doing multiple transactions with us. And we only see it going up, as we go on making this experience razor-sharp. Platforms which have been strengthened by Google Cloud stand a mark ahead, rather than the traditional digital platforms”, Arpan Saha, Head of Digital Business, Reliance Mutual Funds

Watch the complete video shot by Google Cloud team.

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