MyCotra Aims to Scale To 1M Customers with Google Maps, Google Cloud, and MediaAgility

Published on: Nov 3, 2019

MyCotra, a carpooling and bike pooling solution company in India, is also a networking platform for commuters. It asks its users for their interests and hobbies during sign up and aligns co-travelers with similar interests to make commute time productive and memorable.

For the last two years, MyCotra had used a few map services for their product but couldn’t achieve the required efficiency and scale. Hence, they moved to Google Maps and Google Cloud with MediaAgility.

“We partnered with MediaAgility, they use Google Cloud…now we have a very robust infrastructure of Google Cloud and all the features which Google Cloud offers. We should be getting at least a million customers…that’s like too much load. That’s where Google Cloud [and Maps] is helping us in the scalability issue. Finally, we [have] got a product that is not confusing and not very complex…has a user-friendly interface with proper back-end support“, Satya Sameera Makireddy, CFO, MyCotra.

Watch the complete story shot by Google Cloud.

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