Purplle collaborates with MediaAgility to adopt Google Cloud and improves purchase rates by about 25%

Published on: Feb 28, 2020

Watch Purplle share their Google Cloud Platform experience in this video shot by the Google Cloud team.

Purplle is an e-commerce and beauty tech company that has pioneered the creation of digital-native beauty brands in India. It possesses huge amounts of data that it can leverage to derive key metrics for its decision-makers. MediaAgility helped Purplle with serverless architecture and public cloud IT transformation by moving its infrastructure to Google Cloud, thus making it easier for them to implement a strong data strategy.

“MediaAgility always comes with fresh ideas that lead to business impact. They shared appropriate knowledge related to managed services and serverless architecture. They also helped us to connect with Google, which was very helpful. We recommend MediaAgility because of their proactive and professional attitude in terms of sharing ideas, reviewing our architecture, and (providing) guidance on cost optimization.”

Arvind Kurmi, Senior Manager, Purplle

Purplle’s application uses Google Vision APIs and ML toolkit to recommend products by analyzing users’s selfies. The purchase rate on this application-based model is about 25% more than that on browsers.

“We were looking out for solutions which basically would enable us to have a strong data pipeline and a strong data warehousing solution. The biggest plus point of moving to Google Cloud is the agility that it (Google Cloud) has added; we don’t have to worry about scaling as we have the state-of-the-art (Google Cloud) infrastructure available to our developers for their experiments…nothing seems impossible.”

Suyash Katyayani, Chief Technical Officer, Purplle

With public cloud IT transformation and the adoption of Google Cloud, Purplle is able to scale efficiently and improve their recommendation engine, automate marketing stack, demand prediction engine, and more.