MediaAgility Built an Integrated Analytics Dashboard for a Leading International YouTube Multi-Channel Network

The Customer is a leading international multi-channel network that supports and works with multiple YouTube channels to produce and record video content.

Since the Customer was collaborating with an increasing number of YouTube content creators, there were challenges in managing the magnitude of work – from communicating with the new channels for partnerships, drafting, sharing, and maintaining legal agreements, onboarding, and setting up the right mode for payments. The Customer was managing the end-to-end process with extensive manual interventions. Also, there were hardly any insights into the performance of individual affiliate channels.

Building a Dashboard Solution to Piece Together The Whole Process

The Customer worked with their digital consulting partner, MediaAgility, to build a centralized solution. After understanding the Customer’s challenges and the process workflow, MediaAgility built an integrated dashboard to smooth out the onboarding process and also to give a distilled view into the functioning of the affiliate channels.

The solution designed by MediaAgility uses –

  • Google App Engine
  • Cloud Storage
  • Data Store
  • and other external APIs like YouTube APIs

Now, the Customer derives multiple benefits out of the solution –

  • Majority of the offline and manual work have been replaced by automated tasks in the dashboard. For example, payments are automated and can be made in bulk batches too. The solution also has customizable email templates to send to the affiliate channels.
  • The Customer is able to manage channels which are in different stages of the process funnel, starting from invitation to verification.
  • There are separate admin and user level logins to the dashboard.
  • The onboarding team has achieved increased throughput in the same given time. The solution also supports in generation of contract agreements, hence slashing down the time spent in documentation.
  • The Customer gets insights into the performance of each affiliate channel against metrics like views, watch time, earnings, and more. With these metrics, the Customer scores the performance of the affiliate channels and is able to better review and define the future course of action.

With the solution, the Customer has been able to manage and coordinate better with their content creators community and also use data-backed insights to activate marketing campaigns for the affiliate channels.