Drive Innovation in 2020 with 5 Exclusive Secrets for Effectively Running Machine Learning on Cloud

Welcome to an exclusive online series that explores 5 secrets for optimizing machine learning on Cloud. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has inspired many businesses to look towards ML in 2020. This series dives into the best practices for implementing ML on Cloud to increase your productivity and maximize revenue. Confidently enter the new decade by unlocking the power of Cloud-based ML.

Secret 1: Avoid Common Daily Pitfalls when Running ML on Cloud

Are you getting the most out of machine learning? Moving machine learning to the cloud can cost-effectively boost your output if done right. Join us to confirm that your cloud-based ML is being used to maximum efficiency without exceeding capacity. Agile and efficient technology can add value to your business while giving you more time to focus on your customers and create new revenue opportunities.

Secret 2: How to Boost Your ML Performance on Cloud without the Infrastructure Headaches

Stronger, better, faster – these concepts drive our continued advancements in technology. How can you stay ahead of the changes and see better performance from your cloud ML in 2020? Join us to see rapid improvement in your cloud-based ML usage without stressing over the infrastructure.

Secret 3: How to Shorten your Discovery Cycle for Success

How is your machine learning, well, learning? With reliable, repeatable and improved workflows, you can easily compare and analyze results to pinpoint the best outcome, from data pre-processing to deploying models. Join us to learn how cloud-based ML can significantly amplify your output while saving hours of manual work. Be flexible and fast for effective collaboration and production.

Secret 4: How to Build Impactful Models without Reinventing the Wheel

Quickly achieve your objectives by utilizing the right set of tools to deliver a depth of functionality. You can equip your team of developers, analysts and scientists with the tools to quickly build, implement and scale advanced ML models to deliver powerful insights across a variety of use-cases. Join us to learn how to effortlessly increase productivity – allowing you to focus on insightful decisions instead of re-working your code.

Secret 5: How to Effortlessly Reduce your ML Costs without Sacrificing Quality

During this webinar we’ll discuss how you can pay significantly less for machine learning, allowing you to invest this money to further fuel your business. Don’t lose that opportunity cost! Evaluate, compare and contrast the options available so you can optimize your resource utilization. Join us to learn how you can save up to 75% of your machine learning costs as well as other valuable insights to minimize cost while maximizing quality.

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Arpit Agarwal

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