Abhijeet Chitransh

Meet Abhijeet Chitransh, the 5X certified Team Leader of Learnathon 2020’s Winning Team

This is not the first time that Abhijeet has achieved a goal through learning. Abhijeet has been a part of MediaAgility since he started his career here in 2012 as a Research Analyst. As he has a Bachelor of Technology degree, he wanted to pivot his career to a technology profile and he switched to a QA and Testing role within two years of joining MediaAgility. 

To satiate their drive to learn and experiment, his colleagues and he started developing a script for automation testing during their spare time. Their efforts were noticed and Abhijeet was promoted to a Senior Test Engineer and contributed to automation testing in various projects. 

He wanted to learn more about Google Cloud. So, in 2019, he took up a project to write and execute automation scripts on Google Cloud. Eventually, he earned his first Google Cloud certification – Associate Cloud Engineer. 

Since then he has earned a total of five Google Cloud certifications – Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Data Engineer, Professional Cloud Network Engineer, and Professional Cloud Security Engineer. He is now working as an Associate Consultant helping clients migrate their database from on-prem systems to Google Cloud and derive data insights. 

What has been your growth mantra?

Abhijeet Chitransh: Learning has been extremely important. Learning from team members, learning hands-on from projects, and reading online study materials. 

What is your biggest accomplishment at MediaAgility?

Abhijeet Chitransh: Even though I want to say, certifications, but I will choose an experience that is closer to my heart. I worked on a problem single handedly. It was about transferring data from a database to BigQuery. My onshore manager shared the problem with me and encouraged me to work on it during my spare time. I was completely new to it, but I could finally do it even without prior experience on the other database.

How was it to win Learnathon 2020?

Abhijeet Chitransh: Participating in Learnathon was itself great. I met colleagues from across countries for the first time. What I liked most is the cross-functional teams, the on-demand demand vouchers, and continuous feedback. 

Winning it was simply awesome. Actually, it was all calculated; I calculated the number of certifications we will need to win the contest. I got one certification on the last date of Learnathon and my team helped me execute that. A huge thanks to them – Tamanna Arora, Dan Miyamoto Toda, Deepak Verma, Amit Dilip Tambade, Prakash Rawat, and Pavan Kumar Shukla.

What has been the highlight of working with MediaAgility?

Abhijeet Chitransh: I am really lucky to have reliable colleagues and mentors, not just for technology, but I get to learn things that are important in life as well. 

Any advice for people who are planning to begin their Google Cloud journey?

Abhijeet Chitransh: If you want a clear direction, set a goal. Certifications are a good goal to start with. The various certification programs in MediaAgility helped me exactly here, I could set goals and get started with the preparation.

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