COVID-19 Rapid Response Virtual Agent

Reduce hold times and alleviate pressure on your contact center

Quickly build and implement a customized Contact Center AI virtual agent to respond to questions your customers have due to COVID-19 over chat, voice, and social channels.

Free launch in under two weeks

Provide 24/7 access to conversational self-service

Deploy in chat and voice across multiple channels

Customize to your needs and update in real-time

Get started quickly with the Verily COVID-19 templates

No Fees* for Platform & Integration
During COVID-19 Crisis

*Through July 31, 2020

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    Give your customers the answers they need right away

    Give customers accurate information they need quickly

    Quick to deploy with existing infrastructure

    Simple to update and maintain at a no cost


    Free your capacity to handle more complex cases

    Free deployment* for Google Contact Center AI Rapid Response Virtual Agent

    *Through July 31, 2020

    Free engagement to set up your COVID-19 Virtual Agent

    Quick turnaround within 2 weeks

    Microsoft 365

    Optional integration of pre-built agent template

    Integration of Virtual Agent with a telephony platform for Contact Centers

    Examples of standard responses

    You can expect your virtual agent to answer these types of questions after initial development.

    How long does the COVID virus stay on a surface?When will schools go back?Can I cancel at the last minute for free?Are you waiving any fees right now?Do you have special hours for elderly customers?
    I think I might have COVID-19. Should I see a doctor?Can I go out during shelter-in-place?Have your refund policies changed?Can I defer loan payments because of COVID-19?Do you have hand sanitizer in stock?
    Should I wear a facemask?How do I apply for Medicaid?Can I still book domestic travel?Are branches still open?Are you hiring?
    Can I visit a patient?How do I apply for unemployment?Will I be required to quarantine after my flight?I will miss my credit card payment. Are you offering relief?Do you have contact-free delivery?

    Rapidly deploy Virtual Agents to handle the demand due to COVID-19