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Bring the real world to your users with Google Maps, Routes and Places

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    Enable location backed-by Google Maps for your business

    Automate scheduling, routing, tracking

    Access live field updates and insights

    Visualize data points in real-time

    Deepen user engagement and control

    Google Maps Platform Licenses

    Google Maps Platform offers a suite of products and APIs that bring real-world experiences and easy-to-digest visualizations on Google Maps.

    Build a more connected experience with Google Maps

    Google Maps Platform is huge

    The platform covers 99% of the world and sees 25 million daily updates to facilitate accurate, real-time location information. It is built on Google’s scalable, robust infrastructure to support 1 billion monthly active users.

    Products for every location need

    The three products cater to diverse location needs. Maps offers static and dynamic maps, and 360-degree views. Routes selects the best route for your team based on traffic. And, Places is a catalog of over 150 million places globally.

    Hear what other businesses have to say


    “We loved Google Maps Platform as its accuracy and value was proven by consumers using Google Maps their day-to-day needs”

    Ashish Agarwal, Director, Technology and eCommerce, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent


    “We couldn’t have started Bigbasket without Google Maps. It helps us to be fast and efficient, and make sure our customers get what they’ve ordered quickly.”

    Pramod Jajoo – Chief Technology Officer, Bigbasket

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