Google Workspace change management and training to empower your teams

Quickly adopt Google Workspace with the change management and training packages planned and delivered by our credentialled workspace transformation consultants.

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    Change management

    Streamlining the Google Workspace Change management process-powered transformation of your business

    We follow a mechanism that offers the tools, structures, and roles that target and achieve the core behavioral shifts required for you to work the modern, smart, and collaborative way.

    Change management process


    To spearhead the change effort, share valuable feedback, and also provide support and influence, we involve your C-suite members, Cross-functional group of leaders, senior-level executives, managers, and representatives from your workforce. 


    • Create formalized roles for these critical teams of executive sponsors and change agents
    • Conduct briefing for the executive sponsor(s) to help them make project decisions and be the face of the change
    • Recruit and engage change agents for Go Live support, to provide peer support, and address department-level resistance
    • Champion continuous innovation together with your team of sponsors and change agents

    Organizational analysis

    Our teams analyze what is new to your workforce, what they will have to do differently, and what will be the impact of it. Based on this, we adapt our plans and gather data to monitor impact, progress, and success.


    • Identify user groups, assess organization impact, and document cultural goals
    • Assess transformation readiness and fast track adoption by identifying and addressing gaps 
    • Communicate the new cultural norms, and resolve user and organizational conflicts
    • Continuously evaluate and better the success metrics of the change based on the business and cultural goals


    We build a robust communication plan to increase visibility and awareness about the change, drive adoption by inspiring the users, and assist your workforce with the benefits of Google Workspace that will make them work better.


    • Develop a messaging strategy, creative concept, branded materials, and conduct marketing campaigns
    • Create strategic messaging for the communication plan for each of your user group
    • Diversify the communication channels – videos, internal sites, banners, documents, emails announcements, and more
    • Also, we communicate ongoing transformation initiatives, including product updates, branded material


    We develop change management training sessions best suited to your workforce’s needs and schedules. We create portals for training, videos, quick pages, and documents. Your IT admins are the first group to be trained, followed by early adopters, and then the remaining organization. We incorporate ongoing feedback to refine the sessions.


    • Conduct training requirement analysis and create a training plan
    • Develop and deliver training programs, and evaluate the effectiveness
    • Offer advanced product and process training
    • Finally, we also include ongoing training(s) on new products, features, and transformation initiatives

    From insights to action

    Assets and focused modules for each of your user group


    Executive sessions

    Deliver highly-specialized sessions for your key executives and representatives from your workforce that meet their busy schedules.


    Instructor-led training

    Our credentialled trainers deliver live online sessions across all your geographies.


    Recorded sessions

    Share recorded sessions to ensure new joiners or other employees have an always-available resource to learn about Google Workspace.

    Functional modules

    Functional modules

    Design explicit modules for your functional teams – Human Resource, Marketing, Operations, Sales, and others – to help them improve their workflows with Google Workspace.

    Our Google Workspace change management packages

    Our change management consultants have put in place a mix of instructor-led and recorded training sessions, collaterals, schedules, and more vehicles to make your switch to Google Workspace seamless.


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    • __
    • 1 Messaging fundamentals (Mail/Calendar)
    • __
    • __
    • __
    • __
    • 3 User guides
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    • Google Workspace training plan
    • __
    • 2 Messaging fundamentals (Mail/Calendar)
    • 1 Collaboration fundamentals (Drive/Editors)
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    • __
    • __
    • 3 User guides
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    • Google Workspace training plan
    • Customized training
    • 2 Messaging fundamentals (Mail/Calendar)
    • 1 Collaboration fundamentals (Drive/Editors)
    • 1 Communication fundamentals (Chat/Meet)
    • 1 Q&A webinar
    • Google Workspace help site (built-in Google Sites)
    • 5 User guides
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    Add Ons

    We take care of your unique needs with our additional service offerings.

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    Change management communication

    Changement management program for key executives

    Change management marketing to increase user adoption

    Change management key theme designing and branding

    Company-wide training plan

    Users manual and self learning portals

    Tips and tricks for increased adoption

    Functional/role-specific end-user sessions

    New employee Google Workspace onboarding

    ‘Ten’ets of Making Work Meaningful