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    Deployment Planning

    Google Workspace deployment services to address your business and IT needs

    Cloud-based, secure productivity environment with our 4-phased, prescriptive approach.

    Business alignment and vision

    Business alignment and vision

    Match your desired business outcomes to Google Workspace capabilities in our tailored workshops

    • High-level vision and strategy 
    • Stakeholder alignment map
    • Strategic initiatives roadmap
    Strategy and ROI

    Strategy and ROI

    Leveraging our customer success methodology for Google Workspace deployment, we build a business case to achieve pre-defined ROI

    • Detailed business strategy and roadmap
    • ROI business case based on key drivers
    HR tools

    Strategy and remediation

    Using proven diagnostic tools, our certified experts assess your current environment to identify remediation areas and aid Google Workspace deployment planning

    • User experience journey map
    • Readiness assessment report
    • Gap analysis and remediation report
    Transformation planning

    Transformation planning

    Optimized Google Workspace deployment plan based on the known transformation watchpoints

    • Transformation roadmap
    • Transformation execution plan
    • Transformation schedule

    Experience a smooth Google Workspace adoption with our 3-phased deployment

    Moving to a new work platform is not just an IT process, but also a cultural shift. 

    Plan iterations within our three phases, depending on your company’s size and requirements, to ensure your workforce is gradually

    introduced to only a few services at a time – thus preventing overwhelm. 

    Our 3-phased deployment include,

    Core IT

    Core IT

    We work with your core IT team to help them test the technical design, identify integration points, create a basic framework for setting up accounts, and configure the security and access policies.

    Early adopters

    Early adopters

    This phase is to validate the migration approach for your organization, test the change management assets and plan, change the mail flow, gather feedback on communications, and finalize the timeline for the complete deployment.

    Global go live

    Global go live

    We bring the remainder of your organization to Google Workspace and configure their devices for 100% work transformation. To simplify the cultural and technical change for your workforce, we plan multiple iterations, each focusing on only a few services.

    Our key deliverables while deploying Google Workspace for your transformational success

    We start with a discovery workshop to assess your current environment. On mapping your requirements to Google Workspace tools, we test data migration, mails, workflow, and access to remote devices for a few accounts. Finally, we run a pilot before the company-wide deployment.

    Application integration

    Application integration

    Careful of not missing any links in your workflow. For this, our teams implement SMTP relay, AD integration, and more.

    Data migration

    Data migration

    Custom migration strategy to import your emails, calendar, and contacts from Microsoft Exchange, Outlook account or PST files hosted servers.

    Security implementation

    Security implementation

    Define privileges and data access, enable DLP, and configure security settings, such as single sign-on and two-step verification.

    Mobile device management

    Mobile device management

    Empower your complete workforce to access your data and files from any authenticated mobile device, thus ensuring work continuity.

    MediaAgility’s 360-degree deployment services

    As a Google Cloud Partner, we offer premier services for all the three pillars of effective deployment.


    Technical configuration

    Application requirements, configure systems, identify integration points, and enable early troubleshooting of technical challenges.


    We cover the following workstreams,

    • Provisioning of domains, users, and domain shared contacts
    • Authentication and system access
    • Mail routing
    • Data migration strategy and execution

    Change management

    Training, communication, and support materials to help you target the core behavioral shifts needed to work the modern way. 


    We diversify the communication vehicles for a seamless Google Workspace adoption where you gain,

    • Data visibility and awareness of process and tools 
    • Access to files simultaneously and real-time collaboration from anywhere
    • Insights and faster results

    Project management

    Scope of the project, prioritize the rollout of simple and advanced use cases, and manage resources and workstreams.


    We plan for everything including,

    • Availability of project teams and business reps
    • Bankout periods for go-live
    • Critical functionality needed by the business
    • Dependency on other IT projects
    • Potential system integration points

    Google Workspace deployment services and packages designed to take you to impact quickly

    Get started with your advanced technical, business, and cultural transformation journey with a package suited to your needs.


    Add Ons

    We take care of your unique needs with our additional service offerings.

    Google Workspace with add-ons
    Migration from additional servers and platforms

    Google Cloud Password Sync

    Google Cloud Directory Sync

    SSO strategy and configuration

    MDM strategy and configuration

    Vault setup and training

    Google Workspace Work Transformation Labs

    ‘Ten’ets of Making Work Meaningful