Google Workspace Security and Trust

Build a secure business with Google Workspace Security

MediaAgility in conversation with Rob Rodriguez, Google Security Expert

The advanced security features of Google Workspace help combat cybersecurity attacks and improve the overall security landscape of a business. Google Workspace offers proactive protection by analyzing and quarantining malicious content before it reaches end-users.

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Do you know how much a successful cybersecurity attack could cost your organization?

A few hundred thousand to tens of millions of dollars!


Google Workspace stops 10M malicious emails a minute before they ever make it into the inbox. Gmail blocks 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malicious emails from ever reaching users. It encrypts all data at rest and in transit. Scans thousands of web pages every minute for malicious intent.

Watch the full video to learn about the security features of Google Workspace

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    Since 2019, cybercrime has increased by 273%

    Source: CNBC

    17% of companies suffer cyberattacks threading their future

    Source: Cyber Hedge

    Cybersecurity attacks will rise to 20 billion dollars by Dec 2021

    Source: Cybersecurity Ventures

    Everything teams need to get work done


    Google Workspace

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    Everything teams need to get work done


    Google Workspace

    now in one place

    MediaAgility facilitates safeguarding your data with a security-first mindset

    Utilize proactive security tools to prevent threats from happening and discover how to transform collaboration in Google Workspace with MediaAgility. Explore the security approach unique to Google and find out how we can assist you with highly secure remote collaboration with a more efficient, and connected workforce.

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    Ensure your success with compliance certifications.


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