Securely deliver patient care and collaborate with medical practitioners from anywhere

Is your team working remotely? Cost-effectively adopt more efficient, connected work with Google Workspace.

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    G suite Healthcare

    Empower your staff, caregivers, and patients with Google Workspace-powered work innovation

    G suite for Healthcare

    Take healthcare online to provide F2F virtual patient care

    Make healthcare more accessible by supporting patients even remotely – in a secure and compliant way.
    HIPAA compliant

    Securely store your patient records on a HIPAA compliant repository

    Store and share your patient records without compromising on compliance standards
    patient experience

    Improve the patient experience with well maintained patient plans

    Improve the quality of your care and readily maintain patient plans for effective treatment.
    Google mobile device

    Easily connect with your staff and patients on mobile devices

    Equip your staff with collaboration tools on on-the-go mobile devices to facilitate better work
    Remote healthcare

    Support seamless and efficient remote work for all your teams

    Keep your remote healthcare teams updated for them to perform their jobs more effectively
    increase operational efficiency

    Reduce paperwork to increase operational efficiency

    Take all your physical documents to Drive and share them securely with doctors and staff

    What will the minimal disruption Google Workspace adoption mean for your operations and patient care?

    Seamless communication

    Seamless communication: Start virtual connects anytime

    Google Chat: Connect teams from anywhere with chat groups using Mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

    Google Meet: Participate in seamless, secure, and simple-to-use video conferencing experiences built on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure. Share documents or medical images in real-time using screen share.

    Real-time collaboration

    Real-time collaboration: The one source of truth

    Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites: Keep patient information in easy-to-create, -edit, and -access files.

    Google Forms: Record patient information online using Google Forms surveys.

    Google Drive: Store, open, share, and edit content from any device. Drive syncs the changes automatically so you will be working on the latest version at all times.

    HIPAA compliance

    Complete control: Be assured of data security and access controls

    HIPAA compliance: The patient data files are stored in a repository that supports HIPAA-compliance in Google Drive. 

    Google’s mobile device management and encryption: Keep your data secure. 

    Control who sees your files: Decide who should have what level of access to your Docs, Sheets, and Slides files, and give it right from Drive.

    Need only a few tools from the long array of Google Workspace’s collaboration and productivity tools?

    Adopt Google Workspace Essentials

    It offers the most extensively used tools like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet to connect your staff and patients. Also, it works with your existing productivity solution without requiring email migration and domain verification.

    g suite essentials

    Google Workspace for healthcare resource and customer success stories

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