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    Google Workspace is a visionary product designed for the future of work

    Flexibility and ease of work have always guided Google Workspace’s innovation, thus helping its users do the work that really matters.


    A cloud-native solution

    Unlike Office 365, which offers a hybrid cloud/desktop environment replicating old work habits, Google Workspace has prioritized real-time collaboration on cloud from the beginning.

    Microsoft 365

    Simple and consistent

    You will work on the most up-to-date files on the one version of Google Workspace’s collaboration apps, as against Microsoft’s 3 versions (desktop, Microsoft 10, online).

    Google AI

    Smart with AI capabilities

    Google Workspace speeds up your team with intelligent capabilities like Smart Compose, Smart Reply, grammar suggestions powered by neural networks, data analysis tools, and more.

    What will work mean on Google Workspace?

    Unlike Office 365, Google Workspace is completely online, removing the hassles of configuring, updating the desktop apps and working on the cloud versions that are limited in capabilities. Google Workspace offers superior quality and consistent experience, like, un-siloed communication and seamless collaboration across its web and mobile apps.

    This is how your work compares between Google Workspace and Office 365 (based on the report, Google Workspace vs. Office 365 Impact on Business)


    Google Workspace



    More innovative teams

    75% of Google Workspace users say it has made their team more innovative, versus 55% of Office 365 users.


    Google Workspace



    Bias to collaboration

    For 92% of Google Workspace users, real-time collaboration has become the standard for document creation for their team, compared to 78% of Office 365 users.


    Google Workspace



    Better teamwork

    95% of Google Workspace users are able to easily work with multiple people in the same document versus 84% of Office 365 users.


    Google Workspace



    Faster, easier adoption

    77% of Google Workspace users are comfortable with the technology within 90 days, compared to 66% of Office 365 users.

    Go from doing “good enough” to “great!” with Google Workspace

    Google Workspace is a deeply-integrated, easy-to-adopt workspace that helps teams collaborate from anywhere, as opposed to Microsoft’s Teams that isn’t fully integrated with Outlook and the desktop apps.

    Arriving soon: Your new home for work in Google Workspace with all the tools, people, and content needed for quick, easy, flexible work.

    What is in store:

    • Unified interface for video, chat, email, files, tasks
    • Picture-in-picture video calls
    • Safety locks
    • And more…

    Video Credits: Google Workspace

    Google Workspace vs Office 365

    A comparative study

    Google Workspace matches the speed and flexibility needed for work – today and for the time to come. It improves employee experience and breaks the silos of work by facilitating real-time collaboration and preventing redundancy.

    Google Workspace

    Cloud Storage

    • 30 GB on Google Workspace Basic plan 
    • Unlimited for Business & Enterprise users; 1 TB for less than 5 users

    Collaboration and communication apps

    Cloud-native web and mobile apps that enable real-time collaboration, effective meetings, and prevent version control. Apps’ version updates happen automatically.

    • Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Calendar, Chats, Meet,  Gmail, Photos
    • Live multi-user editing 
    • Google Meet for video conferencing and texts (available with all plans)
    • Google Voice for phone calls and SMS


    Google Workspace does not require a local device installation. Set up is quick and easy with the Google Workspace setup wizard.


    • Secure professional business email
    • Google’s cloud security protection
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Data Loss and Leak Prevention
    • Built-in spam, virus, and unusual activity detection


    3rd-party archival solution for mission-critical email.

    Microsoft Office 365

    Cloud Storage

    • 5GB free 
    • Scales to 1TB per 5 users

    Collaboration and communication apps

    Desktop apps with less powerful online and mobile versions that lead to redundancy and slow teams down. New versions of desktop apps need to be purchased.

    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook
    • Live multi-user editing but harder to use
    • Microsoft Teams (available only with Business Premium or Enterprise plans)


    Office 365 needs to be installed locally. Admins must first assign licenses to users before installation.


    • Secure professional business email
    • Microsoft’s cloud security technology
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Data Loss and Leak Prevention
    • Built-in spam, virus, and unusual activity detection


    No integration for 3rd party archival solution.

    Businesses that are working way more effectively

    With Google Workspace, better work is just around the corner.

    Iron Mountain

    “The new integrated Gmail offers a truly cohesive and immersive experience. It seamlessly brings together the best of Google Workspace to make us more efficient with less context switching, allowing us to focus on the task at hand with fewer distractions.”

    Gene Molloy, VP IT End User Technology, Iron Mountain

    ATB Financial

    “The new integrated Gmail experience takes communication and collaboration to the next level. Our trial group has enjoyed enhanced productivity, alignment and efficiency that I know all ATB team members will very much appreciate.”

    Barry Hensch, SVP & Head of Technology Enablement, ATB Financial


    Google Workspace and office 365 comparison

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