Innovate, Adapt, and Thrive with Google Cloud

A virtual roundtable series for corporate innovators with Google Cloud SMEs from Google and MediaAgility, a Google Cloud Partner.

Google Cloud can drive agility in innovation – be it in collaboration and productivity at work or in developing a product for your client – and boost bottom lines in this era of ambiguity and accelerated change. This virtual roundtable will answer your questions about how you can adapt and thrive with the cloud to meet your business goals and help you take a confident step towards robust, secure cloud solutions.

November 11 to December 2,
Weekly on Wednesdays

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    Expert-led roundtable sessions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

    Through an interactive, question-driven roundtable session, you will discover 

    Insights, ideas, and thorough discussions on solving business problems with Google’s continually evolving cloud capabilities

    Robust technologies built with the future in mind that can be an ally in your journey of transformation

    How Google Cloud-built Google Workspace’s smart work tools redefine team communication, collaboration, and innovation

    The need for a business culture that enables and prioritizes innovation to prevent future disruptions

    Personalized roundtable interactions with Google Cloud SMEs from Google and MediaAgility

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    Renato Carvalho        

    Google Cloud

    Renato comes with 10+ years of experience connecting Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technologies to clients to enable tech transformation.


    Brandon Kennedy        

    Google Cloud

    Brandon provides Google Cloud consulting to businesses enabling them to leverage tech, innovation, and cost benefits of Google Cloud and Google Workspace.


    Ajay Yadav         

    MediaAgility, a Google Cloud Partner

    He has prepared over 100+ businesses for the modern workspace with the best-in-class, cloud-based, smart Google work tools.


    Michael Shenk        

    MediaAgility, a Google Cloud Partner

    Michael expends his 10+ years of experience in solving clients’ cloud problems to make their business grow.


    Kamal Puri        

    MediaAgility, a Google Cloud Partner

    With 15+ years of experience, Kamal empowers businesses in their journey to Cloud, Data, and AI.

    Book a slot to discuss solutions to your biggest business challenges with Google Cloud experts.

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