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G Suite-powered work transformation aids your manufacturing business’ growth and innovation goals

Establish a trend of deskless workers at the plants and the offices

Make key work information available always on any device and train your workforce anytime, and from anywhere.

Power your corporate decisions and drive innovation with data insights

Create schedules and manage tasks online for all employees and derive insights from centralized information

Meet and collaborate with your suppliers and distributors virtually

Share project ideas and designs, and receive feedback instantly. Forward easily editable files and track updates

Create and manage key work instructions and distribute with everyone

Maintain assembly instructions and operational details collaboratively and share them across the company

Hire more, onboard quickly, manage inventory – all with ease

Simplifying the hiring and onboarding process by taking them online. Track the inventory on shared files

Crowd-source feedback and increase employee engagement

Inculcate a sense of community by sharing ideas and inviting feedback on an internal social platform

What will the minimal disruption G Suite adoption mean for your corporate, plant floor, and supplier teams?

Seamless communication to reduce cycle

Google Chat: Quickly clarify queries and share updates through any device. 

Google Meet: Connect easily with your employees and suppliers. Record the meetings for those who miss it. Present your designs through screen share. Use closed captions to communicate across languages

Real-time collaboration for productivity and results

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites: Create work instructions collaboratively and track employee schedules on Sheets. Set up internal sites to have all information in one place.

Google Forms: Circulate e-forms for product recalls, time off requests, and supply orders.

Google Drive: Store photos, assembly instructions, how-to videos, mockups, and more.

Complete control over who sees your files

Google’s mobile device management and encryption: Protect your data and users with zero trust security measures. 

Control who sees your files: Google Drive lets you give context-aware permissions to your employees and your suppliers.

Need only a few tools from the long array of G Suite’s collaboration and productivity tools?

Adopt G Suite Essentials to streamline your manufacturing processes

It offers the most extensively used tools like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet for managing your operations online. Also, it works with your existing productivity solution without requiring email migration and domain verification.

Whirlpool Corporation moves to G Suite to build its “winning workplace”.

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