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Increase your preparedness in this evolving industry with

productivity and collaboration tools built for the future

Enable your frontline workers with instant and secure access to information

Train your workforce anytime, anywhere, from any device. Equip them with the right tools to deliver exceptional customer service

Power your management’s decisions and drive innovation with data insights

Centralize key assets so that your management can have a holistic view of the operations and tasks to gain insights.

Meet and collaborate with your partners and suppliers from your workplace itself

Securely share all the assets with your partners and suppliers and coordinate with them instantly.

Securely create, manage, and distribute digital assets for promotion

Keep up-to-date versions of your images, videos, PDFs, logos, and share them securely with partners

Hire more, manage stores, bring products to the market – quickly and easily

Streamline all your internal processes and ensure smooth communication between all stakeholders.

Build engagement and sense of community with an in-house social media

Nurture an internal social community where your workforce can share learning, motivation, information, ideas, best practices, and feedback.

What will the minimal disruption G Suite adoption mean for your staff, partners, and corporate teams?

Seamless communication: Achieve a smooth flow of information

Google Chat: Quickly share information and resources over instant messages with your co-workers.

Google Meet: Connect with your staff, suppliers, partners, and agencies through secure video conferencing to share updates and comments on the latest mock-ups, campaigns, KPIs, and more. Conduct interviews virtually.

Real-time collaboration: Keep your staff connected, always

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites: Track the progress of campaigns on Sheets. Share details about the latest product designs on Slides. Collate your ideas on Google Docs.

Google Forms: Ask your candidates to apply for jobs through Forms.

Google Drive: Store all videos, policies, promotions, and documents in one place.

Complete control: Stop worrying about security lapses

Google’s mobile device management and encryption: Protect your data and users with zero trust security measures. 

Control who sees your files: Google Drive is a secure workspace where you can control who sees your documents and at what level of control. Share your assets with external stakeholders securely.

Need only a few tools from the long array of G Suite’s collaboration and productivity tools?

Adopt G Suite Essentials for retail productivity and collaboration

It offers the most extensively used tools like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. Also, it works with your existing productivity solution without requiring email migration and domain verification – helping you serve your customers better.

G Suite for retail resource and customer success stories

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