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Protect more when you see more

Scans 694,000 web pages every minute for malicious intent

Checks 400+ million Android devices for health every day

Encrypts all data at rest and in transit

Stops 10M spam emails a minute

Data protection on the go

Detect Suspicious login

Whenever G Suite’s robust machine learning capabilities detect suspicious logins,your administrators get notified so they can work to ensure the security of your accounts

Centralized cloud access management

With single sign-on (SSO), G Suite enables unified access to your other enterprise cloud applications. Google‘s Identity and Access Management (IAM) service lets administrators manage all user credentials and cloud applications access at one place

Secure email functioning

G Suite allows administrators to set customized rules requiring email messages to be signed and encrypted using Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME). These rules can be configured to enforce S/MIME when specific content is detected in your email messages

Context-aware access

Google’s zero trust security model offers context-aware access to your users without affecting their productivity. You can enforce granular access controls on G Suite apps based on a user’s identity and requirements

Use Cloud Identity to manage your users, apps, and devices from a centralized Google admin console

Device Management

  • Wipe device data remotely and use screen locks or passcodes to secure devices from anywhere
  • View and search for devices, and export details to CSV files
  • Manage company-owned devices, recommend apps and make them available to install
  • View events on mobile devices

Directory Management

  • Create and manage users, Google Groups, and Google Groups for Business
  • Assign admin roles and privileges
  • Build custom admin tools using the G Suite Admin SDK 
  • Sync Microsoft® Active Directory® and LDAP directories with Cloud Identity 

Data Security

  • Manage account security using 2-step verification and security keys
  • View and manage user security settings
  • Set Google services’ session length for users in your domain
  • Monitor password strength and have self-service password recovery


  • Overview of key metrics and trends in your G Suite domain
  • Discover which users pose security risks and check overall exposure to data breach  
  • Access all the data from the Security, Apps Usage Activity, and Highlights pages
  • View admin activity logs

Embrace a User Data-Centric Security Strategy

2F and FIDO security key

A physical key to access your Google Account. It sends encrypted signals rather than a code to ensure secure login

Set Single Sign-On for your Google accounts

SSO lets users sign in just one time to access all their cloud applications. After SSO set-up, users can sign-in to their third-party IdP, then access Google applications directly without multiple sign-in requirements

Google Endpoint Management for devices

Simply enable Endpoint Management in the Google Admin console and keep employees productive and data more secure with easy-to-set-up endpoint management for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.

Avoid phishing attacks on user data

An Administrator can help prevent phishing attacks by setting up the Password Alert extension. It detects and alerts if users enter their Google password into any website other than the Google Sign-in page

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“Gmail has directly contributed to shortening our product development cycles. At the same time, our employees appreciate the flexibility they have to drive projects forward from anywhere, anytime.”

Andy Nallappan, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Global Information Technology, Broadcom


“MediaAgility has been a great partner, they helped migrate 1200+ people in distributed locations across the country and have gone far and beyond to make sure we succeeded in our goal to avoid any downtime and loss of emails“

Ajay Poddar, VP Engineering at

G Suite and office 365 comparison

G Suite Office 365
Available on a monthly subscription and completely available online which does not require updating & patching. Requires annual commitment that requires patching & updating. Also available on desktop & on-prem versions.
No session timeouts and service need not be paused. Must be paused during updates and timeouts occur due to lack of user interaction
Does not require local installment and can be done using G Suite setup wizard Office 365 needs to be installed locally with the assignment of license from admins
G Suite can save Office 365 formats and there is the ability to assign and resolve tasks making it User friendly. Also, it works seamlessly with Microsoft tools. Easy to open and edit files across all devices. Less user friendly and cant save G Suite formats and complications in assigning and resolving tasks. Not easy to open and edit files.
G Suite does not have a specific seat requirement & Data Location can be changed anytime. Highly secured as there is protection against anomalous aspects in mails. Minimum Office 365 Multi-Geo seat requirement in a tenant is 2500 seats. No concrete aspect of protection is visible.
Admin console can easily monitor devices and 3rd party archival solution is available. No endpoint monitoring available and no integration for 3rd party archival available.

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