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A foundation for success with stable support

We continue to offer our 24/7* G Suite services to enable uninterrupted work for your team.

With our deep Google product expertise, we offer quick issue resolution during.

* Except on holidays and weekends.

Maintaining the

pre-existing apps

New feature and

security rollout

Change in scope

to add more apps



Our customer success services

We have prudently designed our customer success methodology to drive efficient and agile work in your organization.

* Except on holidays and weekends.

Operational Excellence

Drive process efficiencies throughout the organization.

  • G Suite administration
  • IT and security policy, and governance
  • New features upgrades and rollout
  • Change management

Business Innovation

Transformations that support modern work.

  • Workflow automation
  • Process transformation
  • Agility and productivity
  • Focus on the team’s work and success

Technical Excellence

We offer the first line of defense and complimentary level 2 G Suite support for your core applications.

  • High-touch 24X7* technical support
  • High priority ticket resolution
  • Security audits

Issue severity matrix

Issue Severity



Severity/Priority 1
  • Multiple users or sites are affected
  • A critical incident with very high impact
  • Business continuity hampered
  • Production server has crashe
  • Confidentiality or privacy has been breached
  • Customer data loss
  • Server inaccessible due to network breakdown
Severity/Priority 2
  • Users are unable to work due to slow or patchy services
  • Performance of a crucial service impacted
  • Incidence(s) with significant impact
  • Slow network performance
  • Slow server performance due to limited number of resources
  • RDP/SSH not working though the system is working
  • System failure forcing a restart or recovery
Severity/Priority 3
  • User able to work but with some hiccups
  • Minor incidence(s) with low impact
  • An issue where business continuity is not hampered
  • A user unable to login to a server
  • Data loss of specific user(s)
  • Disk drives to be added to server
  • Questions on product functionality or configuration
  • Building of new VM
  • Configuration of network
Severity/Priority 4
  • Research work or future product improvement
  • Questions related to services
  • Single user problem
  • Users need a demo or a training
  • Request for feature(s)

‘Ten’ets of Making Work Meaningful

As a business leader, have you seen your workforce coming to value a collaborative, effective, transparent, and happy work environment more and more, even more than the perks?

In this podcast series, Vidushi Bhatia, CMO at MediaAgility, will be talking about some cultural and technological changes needed to make work meaningful for everyone, especially in the post Covid world.