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Let your “data” do the talking with Looker and MediaAgility

Most data analytics leaders consider Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics as one of their top strategic initiatives when they look for new ways to realize the full potential of their data. But they often struggle to choose one tool to fulfil their purpose, as most BI tools have similar features and functionalities. The key is to figure how these features and functionalities align with your business. Join us to learn how.

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    Ask yourself the following questions: 

    • What insights am I gaining about my business? 
    • Is my investment in BI making an impact on the bottom line? 
    • Does my use of data consistently fuel good decisions that lead to the outcomes I want? 
    • Can I act on real-time data or am I typically building reports that only analyze what happened in the past? 

    If the answers to these questions aren’t satisfactory, it may be time to modernize your BI. 

    Join the roundtable to understand the impact of a substantial BI tool that fits your business needs.

    During this focused discussion, you will be able to

    Learn how to serve up real time reports and dashboards that inspire and enable in-depth analysis

    How to infuse data into people’s existing tools like Slack, Salesforce, Marketo & many more

    Take logical next steps based on data - change a bid, ship an order, text a customer etc

    Build the exact experience consumer need to make use of your company’s data as valuable information

    Unlock infinite business possibilities with these credentialed consultants


    Asheesh Sharma

    Partner – Digital Innovation,  MediaAgility


    Eric Carr

    Customer Engineer, Looker


    Ajay Yadav

    Head of Sales, MediaAgility

    Learn from our customers and your peers how they’re making most from their “Data”

    Unlock the true value of your data

    Ready to take the next steps? Build a data-dependent culture within your company and costumers.