Media & Entertainment

We enable media and entertainment businesses with Google Cloud and AI/ML technologies to significantly enhance their audience experience – over and beyond the audience’s expectations – in a cost-effective way.

Our Offerings

We aim to bring real, tangible impact on how media & entertainment businesses create, process, customize, deliver content to their audience.

Transform media workplace

Re-imagine the way you collaborate to enhance your quality & production pipeline

Accelerate content creation

Apply AI/ML to accelerate new content creation and re-optimize old archives

Automate content processing

Eliminate manual processing work to understand your content faster

Derive consumer insights

Delight your audience with tailored AI/ML-based media recommendations

Optimize content delivery

Improve digital experience with near-user infrastructure and cache

Improve media monetization

Reimagine data monetization with strategies for the digital economy

Transform your content processing workflow with AI-based automation

Generate and manage metadata

Add subtitles

Facilitate content recommendation

Implement monetization strategies

Discover content and detect actions

Define content generation workflows

Segments We Serve

Cost and operational efficiency are our focus areas across all the sub-industries we serve

Movies & Entertainment


Cable & Satellite




Our Experts


Manish Mudgal

He helps enterprises achieve productivity, minimize overheads, and leverage the power of data.


Arpit Agrawal

He has been helping businesses make better decisions for more than a decade with his passion for Cloud, data, and AI.


José Luis González

A technologist specializing in infrastructure and application modernization, analytics, and ML.

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