We are committed to

Delivering exceptional services

Building a People-first company

Being global, diverse, and inclusive

We are committed to

Delivering exceptional services

Building a People-first company

Being global, diverse, and inclusive

The MediaAgility Way

We believe that tech expertise without passion, empathy, and commitment is a mechanical pursuit. Hence, we pay as much attention to the journey as we are focused on the results.

Our people are diverse, our culture inclusive

Our diversity is our strength that we preserve in an inclusive environment, with a special focus on #WomenatMediaAgility.

Agility in work and #LifelongLearning

Between putting-our-heads-down and ‘doing’ work and putting-our-heads-down and ‘being’ a learner, we choose both…with agility.

Transparency through open communication

We talk, read, listen, grow – together. For instance, the ideas of our CEO reach a new Agilite and our CEO acts upon what our people recommend.

True deep-rooted domain expertise

We know 1 plus 1 equals two, not because we were taught so, but because we learned through our decades worth of combined knowledge.

Drive for growth-modeled innovation

1 plus 1 is two. And also 11. We do not see things through a pre-conditioned lens. We iterate to innovate through a growth mindset.

Entitlement to quality work

We demand super outcomes from ourselves and each other, because our clients, our partners, and ourselves – we deserve it!


Our Shared Core Values

Our people are at the
core of our business

We do right by our
clients – always

Every Agilite embodies

We bring excellence to
all our creations

Our Digits

Global coverage with Agilites working in Agile Time Zone

14 – regions of global operations & the languages we speak


7 Google Cloud Partner Specializations

330+ active Cloud certifications

Partnership & Awards

Our Agile Frontline

Our Global Leaders

Rajesh Abhyankar
CEO and Co-Founder
Swarraj Kulkarni
Chief Technical Officer
Nirdesh Chahal
Partner - Cloud Engineering Services
Asheesh Sharma
Partner - Digital Business Services - US
Ashok Khurana
SVP Global Sales
Abhay Sathe
Partner - LATAM
Kamal Puri
Partner - Product Engineering Services
Arpit Agrawal
Lead - TMEG - US
Swaroop Gokhale
Head of People Operations
Manish Khattar
Head - Finance & Accounts
Reena Kapoor
Head of Marketing

Hear! Hear!

“The solution delivered by MediaAgility has brought power to the users.”

Ronaldo Hornburg

“MediaAgility has been a true partner walking along with us in our journey to becoming a data-driven business.”

Arvind Kurmi

“MediaAgility built us a reliable, effective application. More importantly, they provide rapid response when issues occur with incoming data, or clients have customization requests.”

Jeff Larsen

Thinking of technology transformation?

Become an Agilite

Every Agilite works with Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. Join us if you think you are ready to be your own manager, applying your mastery to an intersection of your growth plan with company’s goals.