Modernize data warehouse

Improve data management and analytics by integrating your data silos

The first step towards building a data-driven business is a warehouse that simplifies access to data.

We emphasize the need for a warehouse that rules out challenges like data inaccessibility and redundancy, limited scale, and complex and expensive data management. Hence, we build warehouses ground up on Google Cloud’s robust and reliable platform.

Storing your data on Google Cloud-backed warehouse means,

Stronger data security and protection with built-in Disaster Recovery

Ability to scale and innovate without worrying about warehouse maintenance


Bandwidth and added capabilities to prep for advanced analytics and ML


Better outcomes with significantly fewer resources and smaller budget

Democratize access to and usage of your business data

Assessment of warehouse readiness

Understand your current capabilities and discover opportunities to develop a stronger data foundation.

Data strategy, planning, architecting

Based on the assessment, design a data strategy and warehouse that accelerate insights.

Agile deployment of Cloud Foundation

Leverage Google Cloud’s scalable and easy-to-use tools to store your data securely and reliably.

Client Success Story

Highly scalable and robust data integration platform deployed to production in 120 days by MediaAgility

A major Foundation Management company is now able to pull data from various sources, integrate them into a central data warehouse, and ultimately present them through elegant reports.

High scalability

Better data management


Smart reporting


Enhanced analytics capabilities


Meet our experts


Kamal Puri

With 15+ years of experience, he now helps businesses in their journey to Cloud, Data, and AI.


Arpit Agrawal

He helps businesses take better decisions for more than a decade with his passion for Cloud, data, and AI.


Manish Mudgal

10+ years of experience in helping businesses optimize productivity and minimize overheads.

Build a strong data foundation.