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The New Normal: 2020 and Beyond

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Why did we write this Thought Paper?

Just a week before the lockdowns, we took the preemptive step of closing our offices. We already operated from over 20 cities; it was not a very difficult transition for us. We had the required tools and processes that helped us continue delivering to our clients. We also had structured ourselves with a strong emotional infrastructure right from the beginning and we started seeing its benefits during this time of disruption. We took care of each other as we all worked remotely, for instance, many of our teams started having virtual lunches on Google Meet to share some non-work chat and continue the office traditions.

In this Thought Paper, we combine our own learnings and experiences from adapting to the New Normal and what the experts, leaders, public health experts, and Nobel laureates are saying. As you try to make sense of what is happening around in the New Normal, this 6-dimensional framework is our two cents on how you too can adapt to the New Normal.

About the Authors

Rajesh Abhyankar
CEO and Co-Founder, MediaAgility

Rajesh has built a people-first company that believes in providing excellent services to clients. A strong proponent of maintaining a “beginner’s mind”, he advises businesses to run on lean processes and a strong technology foundation.

Swarraj Kulkarni
CTO, MediaAgility

Swarraj is passionate about strengthening existing technology foundation, building additional capabilities, and achieving incremental milestones for MediaAgility and their clients.