The New Normal
2020 and Beyond

About the Authors


Rajesh Abhyankar
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, MediaAgility

Rajesh has built a people-first company that believes in providing excellent services to clients. A strong proponent of maintaining a “beginner’s mind”, he advises businesses to run on lean processes and a strong technology foundation.


Swarraj Kulkarni
Chief Technology Officer, MediaAgility

Swarraj is passionate about strengthening existing technology foundation, building additional capabilities, and achieving incremental milestones for MediaAgility and their clients.

Why did we write this Thought Paper?

As a digital consultancy, businesses look up to us for direction, especially in these humbling and sober times. Hence, we researched about what the experts, leaders, public health experts, and Nobel laureates are saying and integrated our experience into the research to put together this Thought Paper. 

We are glad to do our small part by offering you our 6-dimensional framework to adapt to the New Normal.

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© 2022 MediaAgility Inc. All Rights Reserved
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