The New Normal
2020 and Beyond

Chapter 4

Intellectual Infrastructure

This layer builds upon the underlying physical infrastructure to enable continuous process improvements, automation, and innovation of service delivery to end customers. All internal and customer facing business processes need to be reimagined in the New Normal with the help of digital technologies. 

Next steps after Immediate relief

Continue to the next steps of the immediate relief measures taken during the crisis. For example, if a video conferencing solution like Google Meet was deployed then continue with enterprise content management solution or a complete Workplace Transformation solution that MediaAgility offers [27].

New customer experiences 

Reimagine all the products and services in light of digital technologies. Answer some of these questions –

Can a traditional product or service be transformed with the help of cloud or digital touchpoints? 

Can AI be useful to personalize a service, predict certain outcomes, or help better understand the customers? 

New cloud-native applications built on managed cloud platform services can accelerate such innovation. AI technologies should be at the center of building such customer experiences. MediaAgility provides solutions in this area to accelerate AI adoption and build cloud-native applications.

Transition into a data-driven world 

Data in the hands of talented data scientists when combined with strategy, processes, and technology can be a powerful asset. That is exactly what MediaAgility’s data analytics solution set is designed to do. The solutions can range from data integration and visualization to more complex streaming data processing that support user data scientists. Specializations in areas of Marketing Analytics and the world of Location Intelligence is another dimension to consider [28].

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