The New Normal
2020 and Beyond

Chapter 4

Making it Real

There are many actions that leaders can take immediately and, in parallel, initiate new longer term digital initiatives. But the first step is identifying that Cloud is the backbone for the New Normal for the obvious reasons of hyper scale, flexibility, managed services, security, cost effectiveness, and benefit from ongoing innovation packaged in various cloud solutions.

Immediate relief

Businesses can identify infrastructure bottlenecks during this period of social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Here are some solutions that MediaAgility and Google Cloud have put together that can be deployed in days and weeks instead of months. Each solution addresses important aspects of an organization,



Connect your employees, clients, and people through cloud-based collaboration tools. Get enterprise-grade video conferencing to bring remote teams together without going through a complete replacement of the productivity and collaboration platform.



Deploy Google’s powerful AI technology to handle the flood of calls at Contact Centers. Automatically handle voice and chat based conversations to answer frequently asked questions and free up the expert agents to manage more complex cases.


Business Applications

If the bottlenecks are identified in certain applications or databases, then MediaAgility’s Digital Operations solution can provide immediate relief. Businesses can rapidly migrate to a hyper-scale platform like Google Cloud with managed services to monitor and operate the applications.

How we made it real for ourselves at MediaAgility

Just a week before the lockdowns, we took the preemptive step of closing our offices. We already operated from over 20 cities and it was not a very difficult transition for us. We had the required tools and processes that helped us continue delivering to our clients. We also had structured ourselves with a strong emotional infrastructure right from the beginning and we started seeing its benefits during this time of disruption. We took care of each other, for instance, many of our teams started having virtual lunches on Google Meet to share some non-work chat and continue the office traditions.

As you try to make sense of what is happening around in the New Normal, this is our two cents on how you can transform across the three layers of organizational infrastructure.

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