The New Normal
2020 and Beyond

Chapter 4

Physical Infrastructure

Longer-term digital initiatives

Once these immediate infrastructure bottlenecks have been addressed, it will be time to understand the impact of the New Normal on the physical infrastructure. There will be a need for complete overhaul of the office workspaces – layouts to accommodate social distancing, visitor management process, deep cleaning and sanitation protocols, and more. On the technology front, following initiatives can provide the foundation for digital initiatives,



Instead of the traditional VPNs that rely on a single point of entry into a trusted network, the new approach to Enterprise Security is that of Zero Trust networks. BeyondCorp Remote Access is one such solution developed by Google Cloud [26]


Infrastructure modernization 

MediaAgility has developed comprehensive solution sets to address the needs of migration and modernization of infrastructure and applications. These range from using technologies like Anthos to manage hybrid-cloud infrastructure to modernizing legacy applications.


Endpoint Management

MediaAgility provides a G Suite based solution to manage all endpoints like mobile devices, tablets, PCs, and notebooks based on Android, iOS, Chrome OS, MacOS, and Linux. This is critical for Work from Home facility with all endpoints managed and secured with a robust enterprise grade solution.

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