The New Normal
2020 and Beyond

Chapter 5

Putting it Into Action

It is time to take decisions for the New Normal

This 6-dimensional framework in this thought paper will help you design your transformation in months and years to come. However, there are some immediate issues that may be facing. As a Google Cloud Partner, we offer some immediate relief solutions to address such concerns.  

Google Meet

As the other competing video conferencing products are in the news for not being secure and having privacy issues, Google Meet becomes a very compelling, enterprise-grade video conferencing solution. It is compatible with your existing IT environment, and needs no download or plug-ins. It supports upto 250 attendees, can live stream to 100K participants, and offers upto 1TB Google Drive space.

Google is making all these features available for free until September, 2020 and we can deploy for free within days depending upon the environment.

Google Contact Center AI

It provides an immediate 24*7 chat, phone-based support to handle the spike in the routine queries so that your experts are available to handle more complex cases. We have been working on this for a while as part of our Machine Learning specialist practice and now we are one of the few integration partners under Google’s new rapid response program to deploy this for free. The deployment typically takes 1-2 weeks and sits on top of your legacy infrastructure. 

Additionally, for the healthcare space, Alphabet’s Verily has put together some additional templates based on the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control. 

Managed services for migration and support

This is a more broad-based solution but provides immediate relief in cases where applications need to scale up rapidly because of increased demand. We can rapidly take the applications to a hyperscale cloud environment and offer the following benefits: keep the applications up and running, keep the lights on, reduce the operational costs, and provide support to your IT teams. 

These immediate relief solutions are more than a short-term fix, they are the first step towards a transformed workplace and a digital business. 

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