With Google Offer, Cloud Storage Gets Closer to Free

The news story was originally published on The Wall Street Journal Blog

In 2014, Google Cloud Platform offered two terabytes of free storage for a year, through one of its partners, a startup called Panzura. MediaAgility was among the first Google Partners approached by Wall Street Journal to capture the industry insiders’ take on this move. Here’s what Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO of MediaAgility, had to say –

“Storage is a race to the bottom on pricing. The money will be in software and services that sit and run on top of these companies’ cloud platforms.”

Abhyankar said Google’s free storage offer with Panzura is part of an effort to grab business customers from Amazon. “Google is trying really hard to catch up with AWS,” he said. “These types of offers may persuade users to move their data.”

Abhyankar said Google can combine cheap cloud services with other products that companies pay for, such as its Maps Engine Pro service that displays corporate data on digital maps.

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