Google Partners Like What They’re Seeing From Cloud Chief Diane Greene So Far

This news story was originally published on CRN Blog.  

Many Google partners were intrigued when VMware co-founder and former CEO Diane Greene joined the company in early 2016 to lead its cloud businesses. Soon after, Greene proposed a blueprint for turning Google into an enterprise cloud powerhouse, some partners are downright thrilled.

Here’s what MediaAgility thought about it –

Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO at MediaAgility, a New York-based Google partner, said he’s impressed with the level of attention Greene is paying to the channel for both GCP and Google For Work -the product family that includes Google Docs, Gmail and Drive. “We are part of the central strategy of going to market with these technologies,” Abhyankar said. “Diane is bringing partners to the forefront, supporting us and having our back when we’re trying to solve problems for customers.”

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