MediaAgility Cheers Google’s New Solutions-Oriented Channel Approach, Believes will Improve Profitability by Solving Business Challenges

The day before Google’s Cloud Next 2017 Conference, new channel chief Bertrand Yansouni and other Google execs hosted partners at an off-site summit in San Francisco. During those sessions earlier this week, they outlined a new approach to how Google will work with its channel, one encompassing investments in product, sales and enablement programs and encouraging a mindset geared to comprehensive solutions, not individual products.

The new “unified approach” breaks down channel silos by rewarding partners for selling the whole Google Cloud stack, a change that was overdue, Yansouni told CRN. Previously “partners and sales agents were aligned by products, not accounts and solutions,” he said.

Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO of Princeton, N.J.-based Google Premier partner MediaAgility, told CRN that change in tier qualification should be warmly welcomed by partners.

“When we heard they’d be deciding Premier tier on combined partner revenue on all products, our initial reaction was it’s fantastic,” he said.  “For us Google saying there’s only one Premier tier, sell any of these products and meet the quota, means an easier path to achieve that status.”

MediaAgility has always approached engagements with a broad solutions mindset, looking to drive profitability by solving business process challenges. Now Google’s channel structure is aligned with that approach, he said.

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