MediaAgility Hires Silicon Valley Executive to Power Their West Coast Office

[For Immediate Release] Princeton, NJ: MediaAgility is expanding their consulting operations to the West Coast. To lead this growth and expansion into the new market, MediaAgility has hired Sachin Kulkarni who will also lead the Google Cloud partnership portfolio in North America.

Sachin Kulkarni brings with him over 25 years of experience of working both on the business and technology fronts. He has worked in multiple industries including IT, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, Automobile, and Energy where his work spanned across product, program, and people management.

He started his career as an Engineer and then progressed to IT infrastructure strategy, portfolio definition, selling of IT offerings, leading business expansion and more. He worked with Cisco for 18 years before joining MediaAgility.

“In my career, I wanted to stay in touch with the latest in technology and be able to use my business skills to provide customers with high-value innovative solutions”, shares Sachin, and he sees MediaAgility as an ideal ground to pivot his career in this direction.

“Knowing and witnessing MediaAgility’s intelligent leadership, agile and responsive workforce, its innovative offerings and packaged solutions, deep expertise, and partnerships with key solution providers, especially Google Cloud, there could not be a better time to join MediaAgility. I look forward to grow the business exponentially, scale associated operations efficiently, and make our partnerships stronger”, adds Sachin.

Sachin identifies himself as a collaborative team player who wishes to match passionate individuals with the right initiatives within the company. He will focus on reinforcing and making MediaAgility’s partnerships stronger, introducing key technologies like IoT and ML to the conversations, and scaling business with agility and high operating efficiency.