MediaAgility+Google Cloud partnership: Enabler of customer-centric solutions

MediaAgility’s partnership with Google Cloud goes back to our founding year of 2012 when we were a tiny startup. Now as a well-established global business, there is no doubting that it’s been the one platform that has met and still meets our goal of “putting time and technology on our customer’s side by building solutions on bleeding-edge technologies”. 

Now, we are a Google Cloud Premier Partner, with specializations in Data Analytics, Location-based services, Marketing Analytics, and Application Development, we have offices across 5 countries, and a team with 330+ Google Cloud certifications that deliver transformative solutions to help our global customers achieve intelligence-driven outcomes. All this has been the result of our expertise on the Google Cloud Platform where we experiment, innovate, and deliver our digital consulting capabilities. 

Google Cloud has been the constant in every way we pivoted our business – product reselling, digital innovation, Cloud journey, Data Analytics, AI/ML, and location-based services. Hear about our partnership journey from Shishir Gokhale, Partner, and Nirdesh Chahal, Head – Partner Alliances, as interviewed by Google Cloud team at Cloud Summit, Mumbai.

Watch the full video here.

Customers expect a defined path to solution development and access to specialized talent and technologies. We help here as a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Write to [email protected] to know-how.