Announcing the Launch of ‘The Definitive Guide to Location Intelligence For Your Business’, an eBook by MediaAgility

July 6th, 2017, Princeton, NJ: MediaAgility, a US Based digital consulting services provider and Google Maps partner, today announces launch of ‘The Definitive Guide to Location Intelligence for Your Business’. Written by MediaAgility’s editorial team in collaboration with Google Maps certified Location Intelligence experts, the book discusses in detail the real, location based  issues faced by organizations globally.

After implementing location powered technologies for their marquee customers such as Mahindra and Mahindra’s SmartShift, Swiggy, and Bigbasket, MediaAgility has poured down their domain knowledge and expertise into the eBook that answers how location intelligence can drive digital innovation and fuel operations to help an organization grow at a rapid scale.

On being asked about what MediaAgility will offer with this eBook, Deepak Garg, Director Digital Innovation at MediaAgility says, “In the eBook, we have discussed in detail the best of location technologies for optimizing operations, improving decision-making, and increasing revenue while reducing costs. Also we have shared real business stories and industry insights from the businesses already benefiting from the location powered technologies.”

What exactly does this eBook answer?

Key stakeholders of digital innovation or operations team in B2B or B2C organizations can benefit from this free eBook as it helps to answer key business questions like :

  • Where is the real action happening? Where are your target customers?
  • Which areas should you be aggressively marketing to?
  • What could be the best location for your next office, store or branch?
  • How to position your brand to let your customers and prospects easily locate you?
  • How can you leverage location data to make intelligent decisions?
  • How do you get a more timely and accurate view of your on-field workforce?
  • How do you track, locate, and obtain real time insights into their on-the-field job status?

With this eBook, MediaAgility aims to address these questions for businesses already struggling with the issues and set their business objectives on the path of a location-enabled transformational journey.

Why this eBook?

The eBook practically ‘shows’ through examples and stories than pouring down opinions and observations. So, MediaAgility editorial and location intelligence experts teamed up to deliver experts’ insights with some amazing stories from their customers and brands outside. The eBook discusses in detail about how they successfully leveraged location intelligence to meet and exceed the challenge of innovation.

Also, with this eBook, a reader can request a free demo. As a Google Maps Partner MediaAgility brings the minutest of geospatial mapping technology details from a business and technology perspective.

How to get it?

The eBook is available here for a free download.