Optimize digital business infrastructure

Beyond keeping the lights on, modernize continuously through managed services

Expect predictable and reliable service delivery management and IT operations.

As your business adopt and align to the digital paradigm, it becomes essential to maintain application health and resiliency of underlying infrastructure as it directly impacts the experience of your end users. Work with deeply specialized cloud partner to go beyond keeping the ‘lights on’ for you.


Optimize & Modernize Your IT Ecosystem With Operationally Mature Cloud Adoption

Build new apps or migrate to the Google Cloud

24×7 Apps, DB management and Cloud operations

Simplify & optimize apps, DB and infra

Transform to cloud-native ecosystem

End-to-End Digital Operations

Managed Services resulting into cost efficiencies and accelerating modernization

Work with Google Cloud certified engineers to improve your IT ecosystem maturity

Advisory & Consulting for migrating to Google Cloud

Review feasibility & approach with engineering blueprints, priority migrations recommendations and timelines based on agile sprints.

Migrate Apps, DB, DW to Google Cloud

Includes migration and validation, updating application run books in cloud, security setup and policy implementation.

Build Google Cloud native apps

Agile program delivery for home grown apps built on Google Cloud with engineering pipelines, security and policies for functional/non-functional scenarios.

Effectively manage IT ecosystem

Proactive monitoring, ticket-based support, incident reporting, SLA and analytics to improve efficiency.

Optimize IT cost efficiencies

Optimize performance and usage billing, KPI reviews, C-sat surveys, process automation.

Innovate on a cloud-native IT paradigm

Modernization through MSA, containerization (K8s), APIs, GKE, Serverless to increase efficiency.

Digital Operations – Service Catalog

Operate & Manage. Simplify. Optimize. Modernize.

Cloud Operate

Cloud architecture design

Cloud architecture setup

Instance administration

Resource monitoring / management

Cost / billing management

Cost optimization

Dashboard and Report

24x7 Maintenance

Email, phone and ticket-based support

Applications Management

SLA Definitions

Application Monitoring

Application Maintenance

Problems / Issue Resolution

Service Management - Change and Support

Dashboard and Report - Service Performance

Training and Enablement

Communication - Alerts and notifications

Simplify & Optimize

DevOps / Engineering tools

Build-release automation

Refactoring & cloud-native patterns

Technology version upgrades

Consolidation / app sunsetting

Log management and analytics

Continuous resource / cost optimization


Client Success Story

TRIARQ is able to build new applications and expand its business beyond the US by moving its servers from a legacy platform to Google Cloud.


Cost saved with real-time scale.


Flexible integration with everyday social platforms.


Data consolidated on BigQuery for true business insights.


4 weeks to Pilot 2 weeks to modernize the first microservice.

Custom Cloud Migration Journey: a Quick Guide

Decode the approach, characteristics, and steps to migrate to a custom Cloud that performs your tough infrastructure jobs in the background without impeding any of your core work in the foreground.



Swarraj Kulkarni

With 20+ years of deep consulting experience, Swarraj specializes in helping businesses scale through technology.


Kamal Puri

With 15+ years of experience, he now helps businesses in their journey to Cloud, Data, and AI.


Nirdesh Chahal

He takes businesses through their Cloud journeys to witness true technology transformation.

Access Google Cloud certified team to build a mature IT ecosystem