Our commitment to being global, diverse, and inclusive

People are at the core of our company. And what comes at the core of our people is their unique identity – their varied upbringing, experiences, skills, and interests. For us, not acknowledging, accepting, and embracing the core of our people at work means building a skyscraper on a foundation just a few inches deep.


Hence, we intentionally, deliberately, and pro-actively choose Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all that we do. We are committed to removing any and all unconscious bias in our workplace and our work with our clients.

Saying “Hello” from 4 different continents

Jonathan Chang


Khushaboo Khudia

Self-taught Chef
Table Tennis Player

DJ Lewis

Fitness Enthusiast
Passionate Business Coach
Lowkey Activist
Lover of Wine, Anime, Food

Megha Goel

Passionate Gamer
Health-conscious Foodie
Loves Cracking Jokes

Nikhita Kandikonda

Adrenaline Junkie
Experimental Chef
Budding Painter

Akash Binwal

Military History Buff
Avid Reader

Sunny Chavan

Fitness freak
Food Lover
Automobile enthusiast

Livana Zhu

Amateur Archer

Dan Miyamoto Toda

Mobile Photographer
Dog Dad
Backyard Astronomy Enthusiast

Nitin Kumar

iPhone Photographer
Loves Painting and Sketching
Travel Freak

Maria Isidro

Passionate Cook
Recycling Lover
Movie Buff

Rachel Owens

Beach Lover
Travel Enthusiast
Plant Mom

Michael Lalo

Sports Fan

Ipseeta Aruni

Amateur Guitarist
Loves Playing Basketball

Anthony Wade

Martial Arts Enthusiast
Lover of Foreign Films

Strong emotional infrastructure for diverse discussions, equitable opportunities, and inclusive teams

We are a global company with customers in 10 different countries. Our team needs to be a good representation of our customer base so we are building software for everyone. Diversity alone in not enough unless there is an inclusive environment where each person can bring their complete self to work.


Rajesh Abhyankar, CEO and Co-Founder, MediaAgility

Emotional infrastructure is that enabling and empathetic environment for Agilites to grow together irrespective of their diverse backgrounds. 

From the D&I panel at Growth 2020, our internal conference


“We are building an equal opportunity company where gender-gap is a non-issue; where the scales are balanced even in engineering and leadership roles; where there is no glass ceiling that requires to be shattered.”


Vidushi Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer, MediaAgility

Often due to cultural and societal conditioning, many women shy away from themselves, from promoting their achievements, making their hard work visible, and being vocal about their challenges. This initiative is a nudge to encourage women at MediaAgility to acknowledge and celebrate their #IAmRemarkable moments. 

This is also a reminder for us to quit on our unconscious biases and perceptions that may limit equal opportunities for women in every sphere of life and profession.

From our Wow Women community

Wow Women community community encourages MediaAgility’s women to share their experiences, knowledge, learnings, and also freely express concerns, fears, and inhibitions. The community also collates information about conferences and events where the women Agilites can meet peers from other organizations and learn new technologies.


When we shifted from working in offices to working from home during the pandemic, MediaAgility’s women started playing more than one role, filling more shoes, and trying their hands at all the things that they had never done before. 


We celebrate achievements, milestones, and landmark days with our #WowWomen community.