Persistent Systems has now acquired MediaAgility

  • “Persistent Systems has now acquired MediaAgility, which will mean that the personal information we have collected as described in our privacy policy may now be transferred over to Persistent Systems, and your data will soon be subject to their privacy policy
  • We are taking care to ensure the continued confidentiality of your personal information as part of this transaction. We encourage you to read Persistent System’s privacy policy and understand how your data will be used, shared, retained, and secured under their policies once they apply. If you wish to opt-out of the transfer of your personal information, please contact  [email protected].”  
  • We recommend that MediaAgility continue to use and monitor the marketing email included above as that is the current address on the target’s website that may be used to contact MediaAgility regarding data subject requests—thus, the individuals with access to that email should have some level of familiarity with answering these types of opt-out requests.