Product Engineering Services

Make your product vision a reality with credentialled cloud and digital consultants

A timely and valuable product is the result of innovation + technology + talent.

Developing an innovative and relevant product needs your time. Updating your product teams with the latest technology also needs time. Our credentialled product engineering teams take care of the technology and the talent so that you invest your time into ideating and taking more innovative products to your customers. We become your strategic thinking partner and provide services along the entire product engineering spectrum – architecture, frontend, backend, QA, security and compliance, product shipping, and analytics.

Product Engineering Services

Gain competitive advantage, and cost, speed, scale, and security benefits

We bring our Google Cloud expertise to be your equal partners in designing and executing a product strategy so that you can,

Grow User Base

Grow user base
Expand your user base for the existing products and find additional streams to acquire new users

Cost Saving

Grow revenue 
Identify and address product gaps to improve the customer experience and product adoption

Grow Profitability

Grow profitability
Optimize and improve resources, processes, and tools to realize quantifiable impact 

Take your product to market faster with the latest technology and focused consulting

We will be an extension of your product teams with our architecture consulting and design, rapid agile development framework, and application development expertise.

Product modernization

We migrate your platform to and modernize it on a cloud-native architecture.

Platform migration

We carry out seamless product migration from Heroku, PCF, EngineYard, OpenShift,
Mesos, and uCAP


We help you modernize your product with containers and ship faster with APIs & microservices, and DevSecOps

Compliance for hybrid & multi cloud environments

We ensure you run your product compliantly

Product development and sustenance

We help you architect, build, test, deploy, and manage the agile development lifecycle of your product at pace.

Architecture & consulting

We partner in transforming, rethinking, and rebuilding your products based on KPIs

Agile product development

We start with minimum viable products and then scale for agile delivery of modern applications

Product sustenance

We help you enhance customer retention, and increase product life and revenue

Security & compliance

We ensure security and compliance for your applications and operations.

Product security & compliance

We audit your products to check for compliance with industry standards like ISO, HIPAA, HITRUST, and more

Security analytics & operations

We enable real-time threat detection, analytics, compliance, and SIEM integration


We look for security vulnerabilities and automate the security process at every checkpoint by setting up continuous security

Client Success Story


MediaAgility helps Chicory improve their agility through microservices

“MediaAgility came in with recommendations and best practices that help us get the most out of Google Cloud. With their help, we’ve started moving into production quickly,” says Eric Chamberlain, Engineering Manager at Chicory.

time - Copy

Server provisioning time reduced by over 90%

Data Integration

Billions of analytic events processed every month


Achieved 7x year-over-year increase in views

Advanced ML Model

Advanced ML models trained in less time


Custom Cloud Migration Journey: a Quick Guide

Decode the approach, characteristics, and steps to migrate to a custom Cloud that performs your tough infrastructure jobs in the background without impeding any of your core work in the foreground.

Meet our experts


Kamal Puri

With 15+ years of experience, he now helps businesses in their journey to Cloud, Data, and AI.


Pallavi Srivastava

A high-energy technocrat with deep expertise in designing, implementing, and managing software.

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