Reema Shirodkar’s journey from ‘going to the library’ to ‘going to work’

India went into COVID lockdown a few days after Reema joined us. But her energy and drive have been palpable even remotely. She strongly believes that women who enjoy working and are passionate about building their careers must start working again after their break to remain happy and content in life. This belief drove her to continue studying while raising and nurturing her son.

Reema Shirodkar started her career as an intern with a Chartered Accountant firm and now is an Account Associate with MediaAgility. Following are some excerpts from a short chit-chat we had with her.

When and why did you decide to come back to work?

Initially, I had decided to rejoin work when my son will be 6-month old, and that got extended to over a year. I used to feel that I had lost pace and wanted to regain the joy of working. But I still was in two minds and was worried whether my son will be fine without me. My mother-in-law encouraged me and gave me the confidence that my kid will be fine when I won’t be at home. So, I started the job search in February of 2020. 

Then in March, 2020 I joined MediaAgility. I was a little nervous, of course, as I was starting after a long break and doubted whether I will be able to manage it. But my team has been supportive, understanding, and helpful. With their help, I could get a good hold of my work and now I am enjoying my job. Not just my team but my mentor under the WomenAtMediaAgility program pushes and encourages me to improve on my skills.

How did you prepare for the next chapter of your career? What were the learnings?

I continued studying whenever I had to take a career break. I used to keep myself updated with the current affairs and practices in finance. I also made a few changes in my lifestyle. I started following a timetable to replicate the schedule of a working professional. I would leave for a library, so as for my son to get used to me not being around.

Any tips/messages that you would like to give to women returning to work?

Keep yourselves updated with the current happenings of your field. Prepare for interviews; stand in front of the mirror as if you are giving an interview. And while working, try to give your 100% without getting distracted. Likewise, when you are with your family. No distractions.


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